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Ascension History

Ascension Day is a significant Christian event observed to honour the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, marking the culmination of his earthly life and mission. This day commemorates the physical departure of Jesus from his apostles, 40 days after his resurrection on Easter. It also signifies his promise to send the Holy Spirit, which is later fulfilled on Pentecost. Ascension Day provides believers with an opportunity to reflect on Christ's teachings, his time on Earth, and the hope of his eventual return and establishment of a new divine order.

The roots of Ascension Day can be traced back to the early days of Christianity, as the event was mentioned in the biblical texts of Luke and Acts. Initially, it was held in conjunction with Pentecost, but by the 4th century, Ascension Day became a separate religious observance. Today, various Christian denominations, such as Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches, follow different practices and rituals to mark the occasion. Some common customs include processions, reenactments, and the blessing of the first fruits. Moreover, the Ascension has inspired numerous artworks and hymns over the centuries, showcasing its profound impact on religious and cultural life.

Ascension Day is observed on the 40th day of the Easter season, which usually falls on a Thursday. In Canada, many churches hold special services and activities to commemorate the event, fostering a sense of community and spiritual reflection among participants.

Ascension facts & quotes

  • The Apostle's Creed, one of the statements of faith in the Christian Church, mentions Jesus' ascension:
    I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth;
    And in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, our Lord,
    who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary,
    suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried.
    The third day he rose from the dead.
    He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
  • Ascension is the 40th day after Easter, celebrated on the sixth Sunday of the Easter season in Protestant churches and on the 40th day after Easter in Roman Catholic churches. It commemorates the day that Jesus ascended into heaven (Acts 1:1-11) after spending 40 days appearing to his disciples after his resurrection.
  • In Canada, Ascension Day is a statutory holiday in the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan. It is also a recognized observance in some other provinces and territories, such as Ontario and Northwest Territories.
  • To awaken, to rise and to elevate oneself spiritually is the true essence of Ascension. – Claudette Mehring (Canadian spiritual coach and reiki master)

Top things to do in Canada for Ascension

  • Go bird watching. A custom in Sweden, is to get up early in the morning of Ascension and venture out into the woods to listen for the call of a cuckoo. It is considered good luck to hear one on this holiday.
  • Go to church and learn about why Jesus' ascension is important to the Christian faith. Jesus is considered to be both human and divine, and the ascension is an illustration of Christ's divine nature.
  • Watch a Documentary to learn more about Ascension in Canada:
    1)Ascension: The Documentary - This 2016 documentary film showcases the history, culture, and natural beauty of the islands and offers a unique perspective on life in this remote Canadian region.
    2)The Curse of the Axe - Set in Canada, this documentary tackles the mystery surrounding the Huron Village, an ancient settlement that was once home to the Huron people. The film explores the ongoing archaeological discoveries related to this enigmatic civilization.
  • Attend a special church service: Many Christian churches in Canada hold special services, masses, or events to mark Ascension Day. Examples include St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, and St. Andrew's Wesley United Church in Vancouver.

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