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2024 DateMay 5, 2024

Catholic Education Week Starts (ON)

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Catholic Education Week History

Catholic Education Week in Ontario highlights and celebrates the value of Catholic education in the province. The primary purpose of the observance is to foster a deeper understanding of the unique contributions made by Catholic schools to the educational landscape. This week-long celebration includes various activities and events which showcase the spiritual, intellectual, and social development experienced by students, teachers, and parents involved in Catholic education.

The concept of Catholic Education Week can be traced back to 1976 when the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association (OCSTA) initiated it as a way to acknowledge the efforts of Catholic educators and promote the importance of faith-based learning. It has since evolved to involve various stakeholders, including students, teachers, school administrators, and local communities across Canada. The event is marked by a specific theme each year that seeks to engage and motivate participants in embracing and renewing their commitment to Catholic education as a transformative force within society.

In Canada, Catholic Education Week is typically observed in May, with schools and parishes organizing a variety of events, such as liturgical celebrations, community service projects, classroom activities, and other initiatives that showcase their distinct educational offerings. The week culminates with Ontario's Catholic Education Week mass, a special liturgy that celebrates the community's shared faith and dedication to Catholic education.

Top facts about Catholic Education Week

  • The theme for Catholic Education Week in 2023 was We are Many, We are One.
  • The sub-theme for Catholic Education Week in 2023 willbewas:
    Monday: When we see
    Tuesday: When we listen
    Wednesday: When we reflect
    Thursday: When we learn
    Friday: When we act
  • As of 2021, two thirds (63%) of Canadians reported being Christian. Over half of Canadas population reported having none to very little interest in religion.
  • Unlike in many other countries, Catholic education in Canada is publicly funded. This is due to historical agreements made when Canada was being formed and is rooted in the historical context of the country.
  • Despite controversy over its public funding, Catholic education programs are very popular in Canada, with around 30% of Canadian students attending Catholic schools.

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