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National Patriots' Day History

National Patriots' Day commemorates the struggle for democracy and national recognition by the patriots of Lower Canada (present-day Quebec) in 1837-1838. This day is an opportunity to remember the sacrifices and contributions made by these brave individuals who fought for this essential cause. It also acts as a reminder to Quebec citizens of their rich past and shared history, instilling a sense of pride and belonging.

The origins of National Patriots' Day date back to the mid-19th century when the patriot movement sought political and social reform in Lower Canada. The patriots, led by figures such as Louis-Joseph Papineau and Wolfred Nelson, fought against the British colonial government for a new political system based on the needs and interests of the Québécois. The rebellions ultimately were repressed, but they sowed the seeds for eventual self-rule and a unique identity within Canada, making their struggles an important aspect of Canada's history.

On National Patriots' Day, numerous events and activities take place throughout Quebec, emphasizing local heritage and fostering community spirit. Among the myriad of customs, some common ones include public speeches, historical re-enactments, exhibitions of art inspired by the patriot movement, and outings to heritage sites associated with the patriots. It is an opportunity for the people of Quebec to engage with their past, promote their unique cultural identity, and celebrate the courage of the patriots. National Patriots' Day is observed annually on the Monday preceding May 25, providing Canadians, especially those in Quebec, a chance to reflect on and appreciate their shared history.

Top facts about National Patriots' Day

  • According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the Parti canadien was the first political party in Canadian history. Formed in the 19th century, this party was an alliance of French Canadian deputies who were elected to a legislative assembly of Lower Canada. In 1826, the party became known as the Parti patriotes.
  • In 1968, the television series Le Sel de la semaine selected doctor Jean-Olivier Chénier as the greatest French-Canadian hero. Born in 1806, Chénier was a medical doctor who was involved in politics with the Patriote leaders of the Deux-Montagnes region. He organized resources and was responsible for helping the boycotting of British goods.
  • Shortly after the rebellions of 1837-1838, the new Province of Canada wanted to unite English and French Canadians. To express their loyalty to the monarchy, they created a holiday in 1845 celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria. This celebration did not stand well with French-Canadians however. Tensions rose over the years until 1937, a century after the rebellions. Reminded of the rebellion and the bravery of the patriotes, the people of Quebec celebrated the anniversary of the 1837-1838 rebellion. Throughout the 20th century they would continue to advocate for a public holiday commemorating the patriotes. In November of 2002, the Quebecois government would finally establish Journée nationale des Patriotes, or National Patriots' Day.
  • On National Patriots' Day, the flag of the Patriotes, a green, white, and red tricolor with a superimposed gold star, is often displayed proudly by Quebecers in memory of the rebellion.
  • One of the key individuals remembered on this day is Louis-Joseph Papineau, the leading figure of the Parti patriote, who drafted the political program of the Patriotes movement in 1834, known as Les 92 Résolutions (The 92 Resolutions).

Top things to do for National Patriots' Day

  • Attend a heritage tour hosted by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Montreal. The tour goes through Old Montreal and includes theatrical capsules.
  • Visit the Saint-Eustache church in Paris, France. The church launched its own self-guided tour called Sur les traces des patriotes or following in the Patriotes’ footsteps.
  • Watch the historical drama film The Long Winter (1999) to learn more about the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837.

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