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Orangemen's Day Quick Facts

2023 DateJuly 10, 2023
Orangemen's Day (NL)

Orangemen's Day History

Orangemen’s Day seeks to commemorate the Battle of Boyne in 1690. This day recognizes the victory of Protestant Prince William of Orange over Catholic King James II. It also recognizes William becoming King of Ireland, Scotland, and England. William of Orange successfully stopped King James II’s attempt at regaining the British crown. He was able to end the war in Ireland and become king. This day celebrates his victory. Celebrations typically include large parades and marches.

Orangemen’s day is typically celebrated by Irish or Scottish descendants of the Protestant faith. It is a provincial holiday and is celebrated annually on July 12th.

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Orangemen's Day Facts

  • Every year parades are held all around the world to celebrate Orangemen's Day. The longest running parade in North America is said to be the Orangemen's parade in Toronto. It is said to have been held since 1821.
  • According to BBC news, because of heightened tensions between Protestants and Catholics, British soldiers had to be deployed in Belfast, Ireland from 1970-2005 every Orangemen's Day. About 1600 British troops were deployed to maintain peace and order in 2005. Today, parades and festivities are mostly peaceful and only local police are needed to maintain order.
  • The Orange Order was an international Protestant order originally based in Northern Ireland. It was established in Canada in 1830 by Irish immigrant Ogle Gowan. The primary goal of the order was to protect Protestant civil and religious liberties. It spread across Canada and attracted many members. In the 1950s, about 35% of the men in Newfoundland and Labrador belonged to the order.

Orangemen's Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Plan a vacation or trip with families and friends as this holiday is a provincial paid holiday for many.
  • Attend a march or parade. Although they were more popular several decades ago, many still participate in them.
  • Watch season 1 episode 6 of the 2004 mini series Battlefield Britain. This series offers an hour long summary and analysis about the Battle of the Boyne.

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