International Transgender Day of Visibility

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International Transgender Day of Visibility

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International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual global event dedicated to celebrating the resilience and accomplishments of transgender and gender non-conforming communities. The observance aims to raise awareness of the challenges that these communities encounter. One of the event's fundamental aspects is to inspire societal acceptance and recognition of all genders, promoting equal treatment, rights, and opportunities irrespective of gender identity. In this context, it's also pivotal to encourage people globally to confront and dismantle transphobia and discrimination against transgender individuals.

This day of visibility was initiated by Rachel Crandall, a transgender activist from Michigan, in 2009. Given the fact that transgender individuals in Canada, as elsewhere, face unique and pervasive forms of discrimination, this observance holds particular significance for Canada. The event fosters a platform to discuss and address the various issues such as discrimination in housing, education, and healthcare, experienced by the transgender community. It also helps to bring to light the essential legislative and policy changes needed in Canada to ensure the rights of transgender individuals are protected and upheld.

In Canada, International Transgender Day of Visibility is observed through various activities and events across the country. These include workshops, marches, panel discussions and media campaigns, all curated to celebrate and amplify the voices and experiences of the transgender community. Institutions, as well as influential figures and organizations, take part in these initiatives by expressing their support and solidarity online and offline. The day is observed every year on March 31, a time set aside to honor the vibrant and diverse transgender community in Canada.

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Facts about International Transgender Day of Visibility

  • Transgender women, particularly those of color, have dramatically lower life expectancies due to violence. According to one estimate, the average life expectancy of a black trans woman in the Americas is just 30-35 years.

Top things to do in Canada for this observance

  • Browse trans-related infographics that target different questions or aspects within the trans community.
  • Learn about definitions and terms so that you may better familiarize yourself with queer and trans language. Tolerance comes from understanding. It requires effort and a willingness to accept change.

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