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International Day of Older Persons

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International Day of Older Persons History

International Day of Older Persons is an annual observance dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the unique issues that seniors face and acknowledging the valuable contributions they make to society. The event emphasizes the importance of intergenerational collaboration, social inclusion, accessibility, and age-friendly environments. By addressing the challenges aged populations confront globally and celebrating their strengths, the Observance aims to foster a sense of dignity and respect for older persons.

The United Nations General Assembly officially established the International Day of Older Persons on December 14, 1990, to support the 1982 Vienna International Plan of Action on Aging goals. Older Canadians hold a significant place in society, and as life expectancy increases, the proportion of the senior population will continue to rise. As of 2021, approximately 18% of Canada's population is over 65, and this figure is expected to reach as high as 25% by 2036. By acknowledging older persons' experiences, knowledge, and contributions, Canadians can encourage a more inclusive and harmonious society for individuals of all ages.

In Canada, the International Day of Older Persons is observed through various events and activities, such as conferences, workshops, and community gatherings, where older persons are encouraged to share their stories and participate in discussions surrounding aging-related issues. These events aim to create awareness about senior-specific concerns such as ageism, healthy aging, and pension systems. Furthermore, they offer resources, support networks, and services designed to improve the quality of life for older Canadians. International Day of Older Persons takes place on October 1 each year, providing an opportunity for Canadians to come together to recognize and appreciate older adults within our communities.

International Day of Older Persons facts

  • The theme for International Day of Older Persons in 2023 is was Fulfilling the Promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Older Persons – Across Generations. in 2022 the theme was Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World.
  • Despite misconceptions, mental capabilities such as wisdom and knowledge often improve with age. Many older people continue to learn, work, and contribute to their communities.
  • Older people have lower physiological reserves, meaning they have less ability to compensate for stressors such as disease or injury.
  • The majority of older Canadians have a stable income through the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and Guaranteed Income Supplement programs
  • Maintaining social connections is essential for older adults' mental health and well-being. Many Canadian communities offer seniors programs and recreational opportunities, such as clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities to foster social engagement and combat isolation.

Top things to do in Canada for this observance

  • Encourage family and community members to organize intergenerational events, such as picnics, storytelling sessions, or workshops, where younger and older people can interact and learn from each other.
  • Check local community centres, senior centres, or retirement communities for special events, workshops, and celebrations organized for the elderly to socialize and share their experiences.

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