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2024 Date18 April 2024
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Zimbabwe Independence

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Zimbabwe Independence History

Zimbabwe Independence commemorates the country's liberation from British colonial rule and its emergence as a sovereign nation. This day highlights the immense struggle, sacrifices, and countless lives lost by the people of Zimbabwe in the quest for self-determination and liberty. The day is observed in various ways, showcasing the rich cultural heritage, accomplishments, and aspirations of the Zimbabwean people.

The road to Zimbabwe's independence commenced in the late 1890s with the arrival of the British South Africa Company, leading to the establishment of the colony known as Rhodesia. Following several years of sporadic conflicts and economic exploitation, the liberation struggle intensified during the 1960s under the leadership of nationalist parties. In India, historical ties between the people can be traced back to the period when the Indian government supported Zimbabwe's fight for autonomy through the Non-Aligned Movement. India was also among the first few countries to establish bilateral relations with Zimbabwe upon its independence.

Commemorative events such as cultural exchange programs, seminars on the bilateral relationship, and informal gatherings among the Zimbabwean community are organized annually on this day around many cities across India. The Indian government and the media acknowledge the importance of this day, renewing the resolve to foster the bonds of friendship, mutual respect, and cooperation between the two nations.

Zimbabwe Independence Facts

  • According to the factfile.org, the first people to reside in Zimbabwe were the Bantu-speaking Iron Age farmers. It's said they settled in around 300 AD.

  • India-Zimbabwe trade keeps growing, exceeding USD 14.9 million in November 2023, despite pandemic challenges.
  • Zimbabwe has been home to a significant Indian diaspora, which has contributed to the economic growth and development of the country. In the pre-independence period and during the colonial era, Indian merchants and traders had settled in the region, and their descendants continue to live in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Independence Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend a parade or celebration. Many events and performances are held throughout the day.
  • Enjoy traditional Zimbabwean dishes and cuisines. Some popular items include Dovi (a peanut stew), Muboora (boiled pumpkin leaves) and Sadza (a porridge).
  • Create a festive atmosphere by decorating your home with the colors of the Zimbabwean flag. Hang up flags or use decorations in green, yellow, red, black, and white to symbolize the national flag of Zimbabwe.
  • Take the opportunity to educate yourself about Zimbabwe's history, culture, and its struggles for independence. Read books, watch documentaries, or browse online resources to gain knowledge about the country.

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