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2023 Date18 April 2023
2024 Date18 April 2024
Zimbabwe Independence

Zimbabwe Independence History

Zimbabwe Independence Day seeks to commemorate Zimbabwe gaining independence from Britain in 1980. This day marked the end of racial segregation after a hard-fought war of liberation. Zimbabwe’s first president was Canaan Banana, and its first Prime Minister was Robert Mugabe. At the time the presidential role was viewed primarily as a figurehead. That changed in 1987 however, when the Prime minister role was removed. The role of the president became empowered and was held as the highest head of government. This is a day of celebration. As such, a presidential speech is given followed by an official ceremony. Afterward, a variety of entertainment including music, performances, and football is held.

Zimbabwe Independence Day is celebrated annually on 18 April.

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Zimbabwe Independence Facts

  • According to the factfile.org, the first people to reside in Zimbabwe were the Bantu-speaking Iron Age farmers. It's said they settled in around 300 AD.
  • Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa with about 87% of the population being able to read and write.
  • Although manufacturing, mining, and farming make up most of the Zimbabwean economy, the country has one of the world’s highest inflation and unemployment rates.

Zimbabwe Independence Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend a parade or celebration. Many events and performances are held throughout the day.
  • Enjoy traditional Zimbabwean dishes and cuisines. Some popular items include Dovi (a peanut stew), Muboora (boiled pumpkin leaves) and Sadza (a porridge).
  • Watch Zimbabwe's Independence Day celebration. Due to Covid-19, 2020's celebration was cancelled. See what next year's celebration will look like once we've overcome the pandemic.

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