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2023 Date13 February 2023
2024 Date13 February 2024
World Radio Day

World Radio Day History

World Radio Day seeks to celebrate the importance of the radio in improving international cooperation, providing access to information, and supporting free speech. The day also serves to promote the radio as a means of communication in times of need and emergency. Radios are still the most readily available medium that can disseminate information to reach the widest and most diverse audiences in the shortest amount of time.

The idea of World Radio Day was first proposed by Spain's Radio Academy in 2010. The following year in 2011, UNESCO declared the first World Radio Day. Since then, World Radio Day has been observed annually on February 13th. The day was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the United Nations Radio, the UN's international broadcasting service, which was established on February 13th, 1946.

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World Radio Day Facts & Quotes

  • The theme for World Radio Day in 2023 was Radio and Peace.
  • The Radio was invented by an Italian named Guglielmo Marconi in 1895. It was originally called the wireless telegraph and used radio waves to transmit Morse code.
  • According to the UN, in 2022, there are about 44,000 radio stations operating which broadcast to 5 billion people worldwide.
  • It is estimated that approximately 75% of homes in developing nations have access to a radio.
  • Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world - Harry Von Zell, radio announcer and actor.

World Radio Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Learn Morse Code. The radio was originally invented to pass on Morse code message through radio waves.
  • Watch a movie or documentary that relates to radios. Here are some of our favorites: Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Pirate Radio (2009), and Generation Radio (2013).
  • Learn about some of the issues surrounding freedom of speech and government control of radios around the world. Read up on recent problems in Zimbabwe and Somalia regarding government control.
  • Set up your very own pop up radio station using digital online suites tools such as ShoutCheap. Setting up your very radio station can be quick, easy and exciting.
  • Plan a Radio Day event involving important issues such as human rights, freedom of speech and international broadcasting. Let UNESCO know what you have planned for World Radio Day and they will put it on their world map so that others can find you and get involved!

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