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International Day of the Tropics

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International Day of the Tropics History

The International Day of the Tropics is an annual observance aimed at raising awareness about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by tropical nations. It emphasizes the importance of the tropical areas in shaping a sustainable future, including their exceptional biodiversity, indigenous cultures, and vast natural resources. The observance stands as a reminder of the vital role of these regions in addressing global challenges like climate change, poverty eradication, and biodiversity loss, thereby advocating for inclusive and equitable development in the tropics.

The United Nations General Assembly establsihed the International Day of the Tropics following the inception of the initiative at the 2014 Tropics Summit held in Cairns, Australia. India, being a predominantly tropical country, is significantly impacted by the challenges and prospects discussed on this day. The rise in temperature, environmental degradation, and freshwater scarcity in India are some of the major issues being addressed during the observance. The day also highlights a range of sustainable development efforts to strike a balance between conserving the ecosystem and making effective use of available resources in the country.

In India, the International Day of the Tropics is observed through various events and activities that focus on raising awareness about the significance of the tropics and their conservation. Seminars, conferences, and discussions on issues pertinent to the tropical regions are organized by academic institutions, research organizations, and environmental bodies. Furthermore, campaigns and initiatives are launched by the government and non-governmental organizations to promote sustainable development, improve livelihoods, and foster indigenous knowledge in the tropical regions of the country. The observance takes place annually on 29 June, in line with the international commemoration of the day.

International Day of the Tropics facts

  • According to the UN, almost half of the world's population lives in the Tropics.
  • More than 80% of the world's biodiversity lives in the Tropics.
  • The State of the Tropics Report pointed out an interesting fact that by the late 2040s, the Tropics will be more populous than the rest of the world combined.
  • India is counted among the world's 17 "megadiverse" countries, hosting approximately 8% of the world's recorded species.
  • The Western Ghats is one of the world's ten Hottest biodiversity hotspots, with more than 7,500 species of flowering plants, 139 types of mammals, 508 species of birds, and 179 amphibian species.

Top things to do in India for this observance

  • Read a first-hand account about Carmen Rodríguez and her family's efforts to preserve Colombia's tropical dry forest.
  • Browse the 2020 report on the state of the tropics. It covers a wide variety of topics including the environment, human impact, and the application of science and technology.
  • Explore the rich biodiversity, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture in the states like Assam, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Known as God's Own Country, Kerala offers idyllic backwaters, lush hills, and tea gardens. Go on a houseboat tour of the backwaters in Alleppey, explore the tea gardens of Munnar and Wayanad, or relax on the sandy beaches of Kovalam and Varkala.

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