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Arabic Language Day

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Arabic Language Day is a global celebration facilitated by the United Nations to promote cultural awareness and diversity. It is one of the six official languages recognized by the United Nations and is spoken by over 420 million people around the world. The observance highlights the historical influence and contemporary importance of the Arabic language. It is aimed to increase people's understanding of the Arabic culture, its significant global achievements across all sectors, and its contributions to world civilization and cultural heritage.

Historically, Arabic Language Day marks the day the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted Arabic as an official UN language on 18th December 1973. It is particularly significant for India, as it derives a large part of its philosophical, cultural, and historical heritage from the influence of Arabian civilization. Furthermore, Arabic has been taught in India for centuries and can be found in various Islamic schools across the nation. This observance hence reiterates the importance of promoting the study of Arabic and its rich literature amongst Indians.

In India, Arabic Language Day is recognized widely, particularly in educational institutions and cultural societies. Many schools and universities organize special seminars, exhibitions, and symposiums to showcase the beauty and significance of the Arabic language. Arabic language and culture are highlighted in discussions, arts, and lectures, and special attention is given to expand the students' overall perception of the language. Furthermore, it is the Arabic Language Day is observed in India on the same day as it is globally, that is, on the 18th of December.

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Arabic Language Day facts

  • Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages. It is spoken by more than 422 million people according to the U.N.
  • Arabic has multiple words for love. Each describes a different stage of the process of falling in love, for example hawa describes the initial attraction between two people.
  • Arabic is a Semitic language that first emerged in the 1st to 4th centuries CE. It is now the lingua franca of the Arab world.
  • Arabic has had an enormous influence on various Indian languages, particularly Urdu. Many Arabic words have been borrowed and incorporated into Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Punjabi, among others.
  • In the medieval period, Arabic-speaking Sufi saints migrated to India and played a crucial role in spreading the message of Islam and tolerance across the Indian subcontinent. They contributed significantly to the development of regional Islamic literature, like the famous Masnavi of Amir Khusro in Persian and Urdu languages.

Top things to do in India for Arabic Language Day

  • Learn Arabic. There are many tools available to help you learn. It can be fun exciting learning a new language, especially one so rich in culture.
  • Watch UNESCO's documentary about the Arab world and its heritage and civilization. Learn about culture and more at The Arab World.
  • Visit historical monuments and sites with Arabic inscriptions, such as the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar.
  • Visit mosques or Islamic cultural centers with strong connections to Arabic language, such as Jama Masjid in Delhi, Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, and Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai. Many of these offer Arabic courses or Quranic classes.

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