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2024 Date23 April 2024
2025 Date23 April 2025

World Book and Copyright Day

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World Book Day History

World Book and Copyright Day serves as an international celebration of literature and reading, fostering intellectual rigour and cultural diversity. This observance aims to promote the enjoyment of books and reading, and the copyright aspect underscores the crucial role of authors and their creative output in stimulating global cultures and economies. Moreover, it highlights the ongoing battle against digital piracy and the importance of securing intellectual property rights.

The inception of World Book and Copyright Day traces back to 1995 when it was instituted by UNESCO. The observance has particular relevance for Indian audiences. India, known for its vast linguistic and cultural diversity, hosts a flourishing literary scene straddling multiple languages. In recent times, the digital wave has revolutionized the Indian literary space, making e-books and e-content increasingly vital. On the flip side, it heralds challenges in copyright protection, thus making this day critical to raise awareness about copyright laws.

World Book and Copyright Day is observed in India with enthusiasm. The day witnesses a variety of events such as book exhibitions, author meet-ups, and literary workshops. Schools and colleges organize reading sessions and debates. It provides an opportunity to engage young minds in conversations about authors' rights and encourage respect for intellectual property. World Book and Copyright Day annually falls on April 23, cultivating unity in the diverse expressions of literary culture.

Facts about World Book Day

  • Each year, UNESCO chooses a World Book Capital. In 2024, the World Book Capital was Strasbourg, France.
    In 2023, the World Book Capital was Accra, Ghana, located in West Africa.
  • UNESCO holds an event every year at their headquarters. Workshops for the young are conducted by booksellers, publishers and artists. The topics include illustration, bookbinding, typography, manga, and more.
  • In India, a copyright registration isn't required, as the creation of literary work automatically provides ownership to the author. However, it’s beneficial to register the copyright to establish a public record and can be used as evidence in a legal dispute.
  • Established in 1991, the Indian Copyright Society acts as a key agency in issuing licenses, granting permissions, and dealing with infringements related to copyrighted material.

Top things to do in India for World Book Day

  • Dress your children in costumes related to their favorite books. Check out these great examples.
  • Why not try a comic book? There are comic books for everyone, and they can be a good alternative for children who don't enjoy regular books. Get them started on comic books with characters they already like from the movies.
  • Attend Book Fairs and Exhibitions: Many Indian cities organize book fairs and exhibitions where authors, publishers, and book lovers come together. It's often a chance to see rare and unique books.
  • Read a book to learn more about Copyright laws in India:
    Copyright Law in India - by Pratik K Singh
    Copyright and its Laws in India - by Kamath N

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