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Easter History

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the New Testament of the Bible. It is an observance associated with deep spiritual reflection and joy. From Palm Sunday, marking the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, to the solemn Good Friday, commemorating his crucifixion, to the jubilant Easter Sunday, celebrating his resurrection, the Easter period recounts the core of the Christian faith. It serves as a reminder of Jesu's sacrificial love, demonstrated through his overcoming of death, offering hope and redemption to believers.

Historically, the observance of Easter is said to have commenced after the ascension of Jesus Christ. In India, a country witness to a wide spectrum of religions, Christianity, although a minority, has significant representation. The narrative of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection speaks omnipotently across cultural and religious boundaries, symbolizing goodwill, forgiveness, rebirth, and renewal. Easter's universal themes resonate with people amid India's religious diversity in a deeply profound way.

In India, Easter observances vary among regional Christian communities, colored by the unique cultural fabric of the country. Churches are adorned with flowers, and special services and processions are conducted. A prominent feature in some regions includes the re-enactment of Christ's path to crucifixion, 'The Way of the Cross.' In states like Kerala and Goa, where Christian communities are substantial, Easter is observed with exceptional enthusiasm. Sharing 'Easter Eggs,' symbolizing resurrection, and festive meals are common practices. Easter typically falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox, a system adopted globally, including India. However, some Orthodox Christian communities in India may have different dates based on the Julian Calendar.

Facts about Easter

  • For many Christian congregations, the first Easter service for the year is the Service of Light. The worship typically starts in darkness on the preceding Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Light is brought into the church with candles to signify hope based on the resurrection. The service culminates with the lighting of a paschal candle, signifying Christ.
  • Easter eggs represent new life and also symbolize the shape of Jesus' tomb.
  • The largest Easter celebrations in India take place in the northeastern states, particularly Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Mizoram, which have a larger Christian population compared to other parts of the country.
  • The tradition of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are not as prominent in India as in the West. Yet, some Christian families and communities do include these customs in their celebrations, especially in urban areas.

Top things to do in India for Easter

  • Go to a children's Easter egg hunt or hold one of your own. Many churches have them the Saturday before Easter too.
  • Cook an Easter dinner for family and friends. Traditional entrees include lamb or ham. During Lent (period leading up to Easter), many Roman Catholics exclude meat from their diet, so Easter is often indulgent on meat.
  • Attend Easter Mass: Visit any of the old and magnificent churches across the cities for a traditional Easter service. The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica in Chennai, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kolkata are some of the famous churches in India.
  • Prepare traditional meals for Easter, such as:
    1) Roast Chicken: This is often served for Easter lunch or dinner. It is marinated with herbs and spices, then roasted to perfection.
    2) Lamb Briyani: This is a classic Indian dish that can be served at Easter. Made with aromatic spices and tender lamb, it is a delicious main dish.
    3) Gulab Jamun: This is a classic Indian sweet that can be served for dessert. They are small balls of dried milk, fried and soaked in a rose-flavored sugar syrup.

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