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United Nations Public Service Day

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United Nations Public Service Day History

The United Nations Public Service Day is an observance that celebrates the contribution of public servants to society. It provides an opportunity for governments to recognize the invaluable work done by public servants in delivering services, promoting transparency, and ensuring the well-being of citizens. This observance aims to encourage young people to pursue careers in public service, improve the image of public servants, and highlight the importance of public service in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The history of United Nations Public Service Day can be traced back to 2003 when it was officially established by the United Nations General Assembly. The day is celebrated by various activities, including award ceremonies, seminars, and conferences. In India, this observance is particularly important due to the significant role that public servants play in the functioning of the country. On this day, people in India reflect on the valuable services provided by public servants such as healthcare workers, police officers, teachers, and many others.

In India, United Nations Public Service Day is observed by acknowledging the contribution of public servants to society. Various governmental organizations and civil society groups organize events such as seminars, discussion forums, and award ceremonies to celebrate the work of public servants. Individuals and organizations also use this occasion to reflect on the importance of public service and to demonstrate their appreciation for the work done by public servants. In India, United Nations Public Service Day is celebrated on June 23.

Facts about United Nations Public Service Day

  • Every year the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) organizes a world forum with a host country. The forum operates as a space for world leaders, ministers, and other senior decision-makers to debate emerging issues and trends. It allows them to discuss good practices, strategies, actions, and innovative approaches that will improve and benefit the public sector.
  • Today, as we honor these essential workers and so many more, we must also reflect on how to better protect, recognize and invest in their well-being as we build back better, together. And I say directly to these inspiring public servants: We are all deeply indebted to you for your remarkable acts of service to humankind - UN Secretary-General António Guterres, UN Public Service Day, 2020
  • Since the 1950s, India has sent over 180,000 troops to participate in UN peacekeeping missions.
  • India ranks 79 out of 193 countries in the global E-Government Development Index (EGDI), according to the United Nations E-Government Survey 2020.

Top things to do in India for this observance

  • Learn more about the role of public service workers. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot more responsbility and burden on public workers. The UN highlights their efforts and continued contributions.
  • Listen to the UN Symphony Orchestra's tribute to public service.
  • State-based Public Service Commissions (such as Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Maharashtra Public Service Commission, and many others) might have events and discussions organized on this day. Engage with their programs to learn more about their work and contribute to discussions.
  • Use social media platforms to share stories, updates, and opinions related to public service and governance. Engage with groups and forums working in the field of public service, and share your thoughts and learnings on this day.

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