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World Egg Day History

World Egg Day highlights the importance of eggs in human nutrition, their versatility in cooking, and their role in contributing to global food security. Observed worldwide, this day aims at promoting public awareness about egg consumption, the livelihood of egg producers, and the sustainable practices implemented in the industry. The vital aspects of this observance include emphasizing the nutritional benefits of eggs, addressing myths related to egg consumption, and acknowledging the significance of eggs in various culinary traditions.

The International Egg Commission introduced World Egg Day in 1996, providing countries across the globe an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and potential of eggs in their respective regions. In India, eggs are an important source of affordable, high-quality protein, and are incorporated in a variety of cuisines across the nation. In addition to feeding millions, the poultry sector in India plays a crucial role in employment generation and enhancing the socio-economic conditions of rural communities. World Egg Day reinforces the need for Indians to include eggs in their daily diets, keeping in view the nutritional deficiencies affecting a significant portion of the population, particularly in terms of protein and vitamin intake.

World Egg Day in India witnesses various activities and events conducted to educate the public on the benefits of eggs in terms of health, affordability and versatility in cooking. These activities may include cooking demonstrations, distribution of educational material, interactive sessions with nutritionists, and collaborations with food bloggers and chefs. World Egg Day is commemorated every year on the second Friday of October, strengthening discussions surrounding the improvement of nutrition and food systems in the country.

World Egg Day facts

  • Eggs are a rich source of Choline, a nutrient that a majority of people don’t even know exists. Choline is incredibly important for the human body and is required to synthesize acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.
  • The nutrient composition of eggs varies depending on the diet of the hens. Omega-3 enriched or pastured eggs can contain a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E.
  • Eggs have been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. They were valued as a symbol of life and fertility.
  • Despite being one of the world's largest egg producers, India has a low per capita egg consumption. On average, an Indian consumes only 63 eggs a year compared to the global average of around 230 eggs.
  • India's egg production is largely based on commercial poultry layer farming. The modern layer bird is genetically capable of laying over 300 eggs a year.

Top things to do in India for World Egg Day

  • India is home to many popular eateries renowned for their egg dishes, such as Egg Factory in Bengaluru, Khan Omelette Corner in Delhi, or Raju Omlet in Mumbai. World Egg Day is an excellent excuse to visit these places and treat yourself to delicious egg dishes.
  • Use World Egg Day as an opportunity to experiment with egg recipes in your kitchen. Try traditional Indian dishes like Egg Curry, Egg Biryani, or Parsi favorite Akuri.

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