International Human Solidarity Day

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2023 Date20 December 2023
2024 Date20 December 2024

International Human Solidarity Day

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International Human Solidarity Day is a significant global observance designed to promote unity and harmony among all nations and people. Set forth by the United Nations General Assembly, its aim is to highlight the importance of solidarity in realising the international development goals. Often, through socio-economic campaigns, this observance illustrates the importance of unity in diversity, encouraging individuals and societies alike to share the benefits of technological advancements and human knowledge to progress together.

The history of International Human Solidarity Day relates back to the UN Millennium Declaration in 2000, where "solidarity" was highlighted as one of the fundamental values necessary for international relations in the 21st century. For India, a country with vast diversity and a rich history of both unity and discord, the observance holds special significance. India faces a multitude of socio-economic challenges such as poverty, health issues, unemployment, and educational disparities, where solidarity and collective actions could bring about transformative changes.

In India, various activities are undertaken to observe the International Human Solidarity Day. From awareness campaigns to social activism, collective and individual efforts are made to highlight the importance of unity in overcoming societal challenges. Praise is given for the nation's diversity, yet emphasis is also placed on recognizing shared commonalities and collective responsibilities. The observance happens on December 20th every year, echoing the United Nations' universal call for solidarity, to promote peace and unity in this diverse and colorful nation. With a specific focus on eradicating poverty and advancing social integration, International Human Solidarity Day serves as a reminder for each Indian to place unity and collective action at the forefront to overcome challenges and better the lives of all citizens.

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International Human Solidarity Day facts

  • The theme for international human solidarity day in 2023 was day to celebrate our unity in diversity.
  • The U.N estimates that the cost to end extreme poverty is about $175 billion. Extreme poverty means living on $1.90 or less a day. Those in extreme poverty cannot afford the minimum nutrition, clothing, or shelter standards in their country.
  • Solidarity among people and countries can foster economic growth. Sharing resources, development strategies and policies can overcome economic disparities and challenges.
  • India has several traditional systems, such as the "Panchayati Raj" (village governance), that emphasize community support and cooperation among members to solve local issues, thereby fostering interconnectedness and human solidarity at the grassroots level.
  • The Indian Constitution guarantees equal rights and protections for all citizens, irrespective of their caste, gender, religion, and socio-economic background. The spirit of solidarity is promoted by laws that safeguard human rights and work towards social cohesion.

Top things to do in India for this observance

  • The U.N lists multiple ways that people can come together to help end poverty. Young voters, policymakers, private sector workers, and academics and scientists can work together to create productive employment that is inclusive and contributes to poverty reduction. If you belong to one of these groups find out how you can make an impact. If not, look for opportunities in your industry.
  • Choose to buy products that adhere to fair trade practices and support local artisans and small businesses. This contributes to sustainable development and helps abolish exploitative labor practices.
  • Reach out to local non-profit organizations or charities and offer your time and skills as a volunteer. You can contribute by teaching underprivileged kids, providing support at a shelter home, or helping in a local community development project.

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