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AKA NameInternational Day For Monuments and Sites
2024 Date18 April 2024
2025 Date18 April 2025

World Heritage Day

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World Heritage Day History

World Heritage Day aims to raises awareness about the importance of preserving cultural heritage, highlighting the need to protect sites of historical significance. Recognizing the role that international cooperation plays in preserving world heritage, this day highlights the unique diversity of cultural expressions, showcasing the values and traditions that enrich the world's civilizations.

The day finds its roots in the adoption of the International Monuments and Sites Day by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) on 18 April 1982, with UNESCO's endorsement following in 1983. Several iconic landmarks grace India's landscapes, including the iconic Taj Mahal, the majestic forts of Rajasthan, and the ancient temples of Hampi; all of these sites contribute to India's position as a distinct and vibrant civilization.

On World Heritage Day, various events are organized across India to encourage the country's inhabitants to appreciate these incredible locations, engage in informed discussions about preservation efforts, and immerse themselves in their heritage. Educational programs, cultural performances, guided tours, and expert talks facilitate a deeper understanding of India's vast and varied historical treasures. World Heritage Day is observed on the 18th of April each year across the globe.

World Heritage Day Facts

  • The theme for World Heritage Day in 2023 was Heritage Changes.. The theme for World Heritage Day in 2022 was Heritage and Climate.
  • According to, the concept of preserving international heritage sites was first introduced in 1931 at the Athens Conference. Organised by the International Museums Office, the conference laid out plans for restoring historic buildings around the world.
  • The Great Stupa at Sanchi is one of the oldest stone structures in India, built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE to house the relics of Lord Buddha.
  • Built between 950 and 1150 CE by the Chandela dynasty, the Khajuraho temples are famous for their intricate and sensual carvings. Out of the original 85 temples, only 25 remain today. The temples primarily represent the Hindu and Jain religions and are a celebration of love, life, and human emotions.

World Heritage Day Top Things to Do

  • Browse the International Council on Monuments and Site's (ICOMOS) book collection to learn more about monuments and sites around the world.
  • Read The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century by Ian Mortimer.
  • Museums are a great place to learn about a region's history and culture. Many museums offer guided tours and special events on World Heritage Day.
  • Engage in creative activities like painting, sculpting, or crafting, focusing on World Heritage Sites as inspiration. You can make mini replicas or create artwork showcasing these iconic sites.

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