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2024 Date15 May 2024
2025 Date15 May 2025

International Day of Families

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International Family Day History

International Day of Families serves to celebrate the vital role of families in societies worldwide and raise awareness of issues and challenges faced by families across the globe. Recognizing the importance of families as essential building blocks of society, this day aims to promote understanding, cooperation, and support for families in their crucial function of nurturing and sustaining generations.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, International Day of Families is inspired by the key objectives of the International Year of the Family held in 1994. It promotes and supports the United Nations' global initiative for ensuring the well-being of families, in line with the social development goals set forth by the organization. Each year, the day focuses on a specific theme, highlighting critical aspects of family life, such as social security, work-family balance, and gender equality, to name a few.

International Day of Families in India invites individuals, groups, and communities around the world to engage in efforts aimed at strengthening families and promoting their welfare. In India, as elsewhere, this day offers an opportunity to reflect on and cherish the bonds that give meaning and purpose to our lives. International Day of Families is celebrated on May 15 each year.

International Family Day facts

  • The theme for International Day of Families in 2023 was Demographic Trends and Families.
    In 2022, the theme was Families and Urbanization.
  • The traditional Indian family follows a patriarchal structure, with the eldest male family member holding authority and taking major decisions. However, this structure has gradually been changing with the rise of nuclear families and urbanization.
  • The institution of marriage is of great importance in Indian families, and arranged marriages are still prevalent. Families play a significant role in finding suitable partners for their children based on factors such as caste, religion, education, and social standing.

Top things to do in India for International Family Day

  • Spend time with your family. Go on vacation, visit an amusement park, find something that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • Watch a Film to learn more about Families in India:
    1) Swades - A film about an NRI working at NASA, who returns to India to find his nanny, and ends up reforming his village in the process.
    2) Kapoor and Sons - A dramatic film about a troubled family who reunite after five years when the grandfather suffers a heart attack.
  • Host Family Gatherings: Families come together to spend quality time. They organize parties or go for picnics.

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