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World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is an annual global observance celebrated by the Catholic Church to emphasize the critical importance of missionary work in propagating the Gospel message. The purpose of this day is to instill in the hearts of Catholics the passion and commitment to participate in evangelization efforts, either through prayer, financial contributions, or engaging in missionary activities. It is a day marked by a spirit of solidarity, wherein Catholics from around the world support each other in their mission to spread the word of God and uplift the lives of the marginalized communities.

The origin of World Mission Sunday dates back to 1926 when Pope Pius XI instituted it as a day to remind the faithful of their responsibility to contribute to the missionary work of the Church. In India, the observance of World Mission Sunday holds significant importance as the country is home to a large and diverse population, where millions of people are yet to hear the Gospel. It is an opportunity for the Indian Catholic community to come together and support the efforts of missionaries who are spreading the Gospel message and engaging in charitable works for the socio-economic and spiritual upliftment of the underprivileged sections of society.

In India, World Mission Sunday is observed with great enthusiasm and fervor across various parishes, dioceses, and Catholic institutions. The celebrations typically include special prayers, Holy Masses, and awareness programmes to educate the laity about the importance of missionary work. Various initiatives are undertaken to support missionaries, such as collection drives to raise funds, food, and other essential items to be sent to mission areas. Special prayers are organized for the success of missionary endeavors and the conversion of souls to the Christian faith. In India, World Mission Sunday is celebrated on the penultimate Sunday of October, in unity with the rest of the Catholic world.

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Mission Sunday facts

  • The funds collected during World Mission Sunday are distributed, in the Pope's name, among mission-controlled dioceses and countries around the world.
  • It was first established by Pope Pius XI in 1926, and is now observed by Roman Catholics, along with other Christian communities globally.
  • In some churches, the day is marked by a special collection taken up to support missionary projects.
  • The celebration of Mission Sunday started in 1926 by Pope Pius XI who called it the day of prayer for missions. The original idea came from France where the first Mission Sunday took place in 1822.
  • Every year, the Pope delivers a special message for World Mission Sunday. The message is sent to all the local churches in the world and also shared on television and social media.

Top things to do in India for Mission Sunday

  • On World Mission Sunday, many churches in India hold special masses and prayer services dedicated to the missionary work of the church and the support of mission territories worldwide.
  • Organizations like the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) may organize prayer meetings, workshops, and awareness programs about missionary work which you can attend.

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