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International Jazz Day

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International Jazz Day History

International Jazz Day celebrates the historical, cultural, and educational impact of jazz music. Created by UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, it seeks to raise awareness about jazz as an educational tool, as a force for peace, unity and dialogue among people, and as a medium of improvisation and innovation. It acknowledges the contribution of this genre to music culture and also promotes fresh forms of creative expressions globally.

The advent of this day occurred in November 2011, under the auspices of UNESCO and in consultation with the legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock. India has deep roots associated with jazz primarily owing to the influence of the British colonial period and continued interactions with musically inclined communities worldwide. Indian jazz has evolved in its distinctive style blending traditional Indian classical music with the free-form improvisation of jazz, creating an exciting fusion that deeply reflects Indian culture and heritage.

India celebrates International Jazz Day with various jazz performances, music festivals, and educational programs. Music venues, cultural centers, and educational institutions across the country host concerts featuring both international and local jazz musicians. Musicians, students, and jazz enthusiasts come together to attend workshops, demonstrations, and discussions, enriching the appreciation of jazz in India. International Jazz Day is celebrated each year on April 30, binding Indian jazz lovers with the global community through music.

Facts about International Jazz Day

  • Each year a host city is chosen to celebrate International Jazz Day. In 2022, Cape Town, South Africa was chosen.
  • International Jazz Day in 2021 was supposed to be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. Instead, it was hosted virtually online due to restrictions from Covid-19.
  • Nobody knows for sure where the word jazz originated. It is widely believed to come from the slang word jasm, though this is not confirmed.
  • Mumbai is home to the National Centre for the Performing Arts, which regularly hosts the “Jazz Addicts”- a series of live jazz performances. These performances often coincide with International Jazz Day, and are a major event in the city's calendar.
  • Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Goa have been known to regularly organize events and festivals where local and international jazz artists perform to a growing audience of jazz lovers.

Top things to do in India for International Jazz Day

  • Attend the international Jazz Day Global Concert in Washington DC. The concert features internationally renowned jazz musicians. It is also broadcasted across the US on ABC and streamed around the world by the UN and UNESCO.
  • Visit Blue FROG Mumbai located in Mumbai. Bluefrog is a well-known jazz club that features special events and performances for International Jazz Day.
  • Check out Jazz Addicts. Jazz Addicts is a jazz club located in Bangalore that hosts a special event featuring jazz performances by local musicians on International Jazz Day.

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