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World Braille Day

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World Braille Day is a global observance that throws light on the importance of braille- a unique tactile system used by the visually impaired to read and write. The objective is to create awareness about the obstacles faced by the blind, and consider the braille system as a means of communication equal to others. It is a key observance to honour the key contribution braille makes in helping the visually impaired lead fulfilling, productive, and independent lives.

The celebration of World Braille Day originated to honour and recognize the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the inventor of braille system. This system of written communication has had a significant bearing on the lives of visually impaired in India. India is home to the world's largest population of the blind, with nearly 12 million visually impaired individuals. The Confluence of this demographic reality and India's pluralistic linguistic makeup has led to Braille being adapted in diverse Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Truly democratizing access to literature, knowledge and information.

In India, World Braille Day is observed by organizing special programs aimed at drawing public attention towards the potential and capabilities of people suffering from visual impairment. Schools, Universities, and Non-Governmental Organizations host rallies, awareness campaigns, and special workshops to train people in braille. Some of these programs are also aimed at making sighted people understand the challenges faced by their visually impaired peers. It occurs annually on January 4th, providing an ideal start to the new year by promoting inclusivity, celebrating resilience and championing the cause of equal opportunities for one and all.

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Facts about World Braille Day

  • It is a myth that Braille is a language. It is actually a code that can be adapted to almost any alphabet-based orthography, or other system relating to writing.
  • The Indian Braille system was developed in the late 19th century, following the introduction of Braille in India by Christian missionaries. It has since evolved to include adaptations for different regional languages.
  • Most of the Indian Braille languages use a Braille system based on the Devanagari script, which is the script used for writing many North Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali. This enables users to learn the Braille system more easily if they are already familiar with the Devanagari script.

Top things to do in India for World Braille Day

  • Explore Writing Peace, an informative manual that allows you to discover contemporary writings by introducing you to various languages. Braille is one of them featured in the manual. Learn more about its history and how it is used.

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