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World Theatre Day History

World Theatre Day celebrates the value and importance of the theatre as a diverse and dynamic art form. Inaugurated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and celebrated annually on the 27th March since 1962, it recognises the power of theatre to foster understanding, share perspectives, and challenge community and societal issues. Theatre professionals, theatre companies, schools, and organizations participate in this event by organizing various events and activities.

The connection between theatre and India is historical, diverse, and rich. An art form epitomizing storytelling and social commentary, theatre in India has not only been used as a medium of entertainment but also for social reform and political resistance. The observance of World Theatre Day takes on a heightened significance in this context. On this day, artists and spectators alike are encouraged to appreciate the profound influence theatre holds in echoing Indian societal conditions and contributing to its cultural landscape.

In India, World Theatre Day is observed by organizing an array of activities and events that underpin the theme of the year. These range from performing street plays and classical dances to screenplay rehearsals and workshops. Noted theatre veterans and emerging talents step into the limelight, presenting diverse plays in regional and national languages. Theatre institutions across the country open their doors to audiences, fostering dialogue between cultures, communities, and generations. World Theatre Day occurs each year on 27th of March, uplifting the spirit of unity and connection in the world of theatre.

Facts about World Theatre Day

  • The message author for World Theatre Day in 2022 was Peter Sellars. Peter Sellars is an opera, theatre, and festival director who was born and raised In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has won many awards such as the prestigious Polar Music Prize and has been named Artist of the Year by Musical America.
  • According to the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day has five goals:
    1) To promote theatre in all its forms across the world.
    2) To make people aware of the value of theatre in all its forms.
    3) To enable theatre communities to promote their work on a broad scale so that governments and opinion leaders are aware of the value and importance of dance in all its forms and support it.
    4) To enjoy theatre in all its forms for its own sake.
    5) To share the joy for theatre with others.
  • India’s contribution to theatre also includes unique styles and genres from different regions, such as 'Jatra' from West Bengal, 'Nautanki' from Uttar Pradesh, 'Tamasha' from Maharashtra, 'Yakshagana' from Karnataka, to name a few. These regional theatre forms have been showcased in various World Theatre Day celebrations across India.
  • Considered the backbone of Indian theater, Natyashastra is an ancient treatise on performing arts authored by Bharata Muni. It covers all aspects of theater, including construction of the stage, script writing, direction, makeup, costumes, and music.

Top things to do in India for World Theatre Day

  • Watch the 2021 World Theatre Day performances if you missed them.
  • Read Helen Mirren's 2021 World Theatre Day Message if you didn't get the chance to already.
  • Visit the National School of Drama: Located in Delhi, the National School of Drama (NSD) is India's premier theater training institute. They often host special events and workshops for World Theatre Day.
  • Participate in the Rangmanch Festival: This is an annual theatre festival organized by the Indian People's Theatre Association. It features performances by both professional and amateur theatre groups.

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