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World Milk Day History

World Milk Day is an event celebrated globally to raise awareness of the benefits and importance of milk and dairy products in our daily lives. World Milk Day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the importance of milk as a global food source and celebrates the dairy sector's contributions to sustainability, economic development, and nutrition.

The idea of World Milk Day was first proposed by the FAO in 2001, and it was observed for the first time in 2002. The demand for milk in India is continuously increasing, and with over 75 million dairy farmers, India is the largest milk-producing country globally. World Milk Day celebrates the achievements made by the dairy industry in meeting the nutritional needs of people worldwide, and it also promotes dairy farmers' social and economic contributions.

World Milk Day is observed in India through seminars, debates, and discussions. Milk is a significant part of Indian cuisine and culture, and Indians celebrate World Milk Day with traditional milk-based dishes and desserts. World Milk Day serves as a reminder of the importance of the dairy sector in India and its crucial role in food security and economic development. In India, World Milk Day is observed on the 1st of June every year.

World Milk Day facts

  • One cup of milk (approximately 244 grams) can provide around 276-352 milligrams of calcium, depending on the type of milk.
  • India is the largest milk producer, accounting for over 22% of global milk production, followed by the United States, China, Pakistan, and Brazil.
  • According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 150 million tons of milk are lost or wasted globally each year, contributing to food waste and environmental impacts.
  • The dairy industry contributes around 4.5% to India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Indian dairy farmers hold the largest population of buffalo in the world. Buffalo milk is popular in India as it is creamier and has a higher fat content than cow's milk.

Top things to do in India for World Milk Day

  • Explore the 2021 World Milk Day Campaign.
  • Check out events happening near you.
  • Watch a documentary to learn more about the dairy industry in India. Here are our top picks:
    1. The Dairy Dilemma (2014) – Produced by India's public broadcaster, Doordarshan, this documentary investigates the adulteration of milk in India's dairy industry, the associated health concerns, and the challenges faced by consumers and regulators.
    2. White Lies (2016) – This Indian documentary by Truth Nutraceuticals delves into the growing concerns around the health implications of consuming milk and dairy products, specifically in the context of the Indian diet and population.
    3. Milky Way: The Business of Milk (2015) – This documentary examines the dairy industry in India and its impact on small-scale farmers, consumers, and the environment.
  • Prepare one of these Indian dairy-based dishes to celebrate World Milk Day. Here are our top picks:
    1. Lassi- A traditional Indian yogurt-based drink, it can be either sweet or salty. Add fruits like mangoes or strawberries for extra flavor.
    2. Kheer- Indian rice pudding made with rice, milk, sugar, and flavored with cardamom, saffron, and nuts like almonds and pistachios.
    3. Kulfi- A traditional Indian ice cream made with milk, sugar, and flavors like saffron, pistachio, or mango.

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