Cousins Day

Cousins Day Quick Facts - IN

2024 Date24 July 2024
2025 Date24 July 2025

Cousins Day

Cousins Day History

Cousins Day is an annual event that celebrates the special bond and lifelong relationship shared between cousins. An integral part of many people’s lives, cousins often act as extended siblings, support systems, and friends who have grown up together with shared memories and experiences. The observance aims to appreciate and strengthen these connections, promoting family values and love amongst cousins.

Although the exact origin of Cousins Day is unclear, it is believed to have gained popularity through social media platforms and networking websites. As India is a country rich in tradition and strong family values, Cousins Day holds great significance for many Indians. Cousins, particularly in joint families, are considered as important as siblings, and play a crucial role in shaping one's cultural beliefs and overall personality.

Cousins Day is observed in India in various ways, such as organizing family gatherings and get-togethers, where cousins come together to spend quality time reminiscing about childhood memories and catching up on each other's lives. Social media also plays a significant role in the celebration, with people using platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to share pictures, greetings, and heartfelt messages with their beloved cousins. Cousins Day is celebrated annually on July 24th, encouraging people to reach out and appreciate their cousins.

Cousins Day facts

  • According to, geneticist Yaniv Erlich was able to connect 13 million relatives around the world over the course of 5 years (2013-2018). These relatives were all mostly of European descent and their data was compiled by Erlich and his team. Using names, sex, dates and places of birth, and the dates of death, Erlich's team was able to create a data base of 5.3 million family trees.
  • Despite the familial term kissing cousins, it is not a day for kissing your cousins. The term usually refers to a distant relative who is familiar enough to be greeted with a kiss.
  • Some genetics experts say that cousins share about 12.5% of their DNA if they are first cousins, about 3.13% if they are second cousins, and about 0.78% if they are third cousins.
  • In certain communities in India, cousins are chosen as godparents to the children born in the family, cementing a strong relationship and responsibility towards each other.
  • Cousin marriages, especially between first cousins, are relatively common in certain Indian communities, particularly among South Indian Muslim and Hindu communities.

Top things to do in India for Cousins Day

  • Host a family reunion. You might see cousins that you haven't seen in a while. You may even meet new ones.
  • Try discovering your own family tree. You can search by name and birthplace to see if you have any family out there that you didn't know about.
  • Take a walk around popular street markets like Chandni Chowk, Colaba Causeway, or Commercial Street for shopping and street food with your cousins.
  • Go for a picnic or nature walk in parks like Lodhi Gardens, Cubbon Park, or Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

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