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World Music Day History

World Music Day, also known as Fête de la Musique, is a global celebration of music that aims to encourage amateur and professional musicians to perform in public spaces and share the joy of music with people worldwide. The purpose of the observance is to foster an appreciation for musical diversity and to promote the accessibility of musical experiences to everyone, regardless of their cultural background or socioeconomic status. A key element of World Music Day is the spirit of inclusivity that encompasses various genres, instruments, and traditions, making music a unifying force that transcends boundaries and brings people together in harmony.

The origins of World Music Day can be traced back to 1982 in France, when the then Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, envisioned a day for musicians to perform freely in the streets, parks, and public places. The concept quickly gained momentum, and today over 120 countries worldwide, including India, participate in this celebration of music. For Indian music enthusiasts, World Music Day holds great significance as it serves as a platform to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian music, from classical to contemporary forms, and helps foster global appreciation for the country's diverse musical heritage. Furthermore, this observance provides an opportunity for upcoming Indian artists to share their talents and establish connections with fellow musicians and audiences from around the world.

In India, World Music Day is commemorated through various events, such as concerts, workshops, and street performances, that showcase the diverse range of musical traditions present across the country. From qawwalis to bhangra, classical to fusion, and everything in between, World Music Day events in India provide a melodic and rhythmic exploration of the nation's unique musical palate. World Music Day is observed annually on 21st June, coinciding with the summer solstice, creating an apt backdrop for the celebration of the magical world of music.

World Music Day facts

  • World Music Day encourages both amateur and professional musicians to perform in the streets under the slogan Fête de la musique, or make music. Many free concerts are organized all around the world.
  • The United States is the biggest market for digital music consumption.
  • The 'pleasure chemical' dopamine is released when you listen to music.
  • Indian classical music has two main sub-genres – Hindustani classical (predominant in northern India) and Carnatic (predominant in southern India).
  • Rhythmic structures, or talas, are fundamental to Indian music. A tala is a complex cycle of beats that provide a framework for the melodic elements of a musical piece. Talas can have varied lengths, ranging from simple three-beat patterns to intricate cycles consisting of 108 beats.

Top things to do in India for World Music Day

  • Find out what's popular now on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
  • Take a look at this list of music documentaries by PBS. It features some of the best artists and bands from the past several decades such as Duke Ellington, The Ramones, and Lupe Yoli.
  • India has several iconic music venues like the Hard Rock Café, Blue Frog, and The Piano Man Jazz Club, which host regular gigs and performances. Visiting these venues on World Music Day can be a special experience.
  • Learn a new musical instrument. World Music Day can act as a motivation to start learning a new musical instrument. There are plenty of lessons and tutorials available online, and local music schools often offer introductory classes or workshops.

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