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International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day is dedicated to promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, and multilingualism. The premise of the celebration is rooted in the belief that languages are essential in preserving and developing cultural heritage. UN body, UNESCO, declared the day in 1999 to encourage the use and respect of mother languages worldwide, and to acknowledge the linguistic rights of people who speak minority and indigenous languages. The day also honours the important role language plays in education, social integration, and development.

The introduction of International Mother Language Day holds special relevance to India, a country where more than 2,000 distinct dialects are spoken across 28 states and 9 union territories. The day's history is connected to the Bengali Language Movement in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, a region that shares cultural and linguistic ties with the Indian state of West Bengal. The movement in 1952 protested against the imposition of Urdu as the only national language, leading to violent conflicts. Today, Indians utilise International Mother Language Day to raise awareness of the nation's linguistic diversity and highlight the significance of multilingualism in India's social, economic, and political life.

In India, educational institutes often organise cultural programmes, language festivals, and competitions to celebrate the nation's linguistic kaleidoscope. Commemorative events are hosted, especially in regions like West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam, where Bengali is the predominant language. Cities with a vibrant multicultural lifestyle, like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, run campaigns promoting multilingualism and cultural inclusivity. International Mother Language Day occurs annually on February 21, a date chosen to commemorate the valiant protesters' sacrifice during the Bengali Language Movement in 1952.

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Facts about International Mother Language Day

  • The theme for International Mother Language Day in 2023 was Multilingual education – a necessity to transform education.
  • According to, as of 2023, the most spoken languages around the world are:
    1) English – 1.45 billion people
    2) Mandarin Chinese – 1.11 billion people
    3) Hindi – 602 million people
    4) Spanish – 534 million people
  • Mother languages in a multilingual approach are essential components of quality education, which is itself the foundation for empowering women and men in their societies. — Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General.
  • In India, IMLD is celebrated across various states, with a particular focus on promoting linguistic and cultural diversity. The day is marked with literary festivals, multilingual poetry recitations, cultural programs, seminars, and other events that focus on the importance of linguistic heritage.
  • Mother languages hold great cultural and emotional significance for Indians. They are crucial in preserving the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. Many regional languages have deep roots, literature, and traditions that extend back thousands of years.

Top things to do in India for this observance

  • Gather with friends and family to assess your local education system. Does it provide adequate language instruction and second language instruction? Second language acquisition has been linked with critical thinking, creativity and flexibility of the mind.
  • Generate awareness for International Mother Language Day by using the hashtags #InternationalMotherTongueDay, #IMLD, #motherlanguage or a hashtag followed by the language of your post (#english, #bengali, #xhosa).
  • Visiting Cultural Centers: Many regional cultural centers in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore host events that showcase the diversity of Indian languages. These events often include book fairs, poetry readings, literary discussions, and music performances in different languages.
  • Language Rallies: One of the most common events organized all over India is rallies, where people gather wearing traditional attire, carrying banners and placards with messages promoting linguistic diversity.

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