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International Day of the Girl History

International Day of the Girl aims to recognize the rights and unique challenges faced by girls globally while promoting their empowerment and welfare. This important observance focuses on various aspects, such as education, health, legal rights, and protection from discrimination, violence, and child marriage. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about gender equality and encouraging people to take actions that ensure a better future for girls worldwide.

First observed in 2012, International Day of the Girl is particularly relevant for India, a country with a long history of gender disparities. Despite progress made in recent years, millions of girls in India still face obstacles to education, health care, and safety. Female foeticide, child marriage, and gender-based violence are some pressing issues that this day seeks to address. The Indian government has launched various programs and initiatives, including "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" (Save the daughter, educate the daughter) and the National Policy for the Empowerment of Women, to combat these challenges and improve the lives of girls in India.

In India, International Day of the Girl is observed through various events and activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting gender equality. Government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, and community groups organize seminars, workshops, rallies, and cultural programs to celebrate the achievements of girls and highlight the issues they face. International Day of the Girl takes place globally on October 11th, providing an essential opportunity for individuals, communities, and countries to advocate for positive change for girls in India and across the world.

Facts about Day Of The Girl

  • The theme for International Day of the Girl Child in 2023 was Invest in Girls' Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being.
  • It is estimated that over 100 million women around the world are missing. Female infanticide and selective abortion are still commonly practiced in Asia and have led to uneven ratios of men and women all over Asia.
  • There are some 650 million women alive today who were child brides.
  • A significant factor that discourages girls' education in India is the lack of separate and hygienic sanitation facilities in many schools. This leads to high dropout rates among girls, especially adolescence.
  • Girls often suffer from malnutrition due to gender discrimination in food distribution. Young girls are especially vulnerable to anemia and malnutrition. According to the National Family Health Survey, 53% of girls between the ages of 5 to 9 and 56% of girls between 15 to 19 have anemia.

Top things to do in India for Day Of The Girl

  • Get active for girls on social media. Use one of UNICEF's recommended social networking hashtags: #dayofthegirl, #mylifeat15, #girl4president and #girlhero!.
  • Take out a girl in your life (your daughter, niece, granddaughter, family friend). Take her out to do her favorite activity on her special day.
  • Take the opportunity to learn about the struggles and achievements of girls and women in India. Read articles, books, or watch documentaries about gender equality and women's empowerment in India.
  • Educate yourself about organizations or projects that work towards promoting girls' education in India. Consider donating to these causes or volunteering your time to support their initiatives.

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