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World Bicycle Day

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World Bicycle Day History

World Bicycle Day is an annual observance that promotes the use of bicycles as a means of promoting health, sustainability, and environmental awareness. The United Nations established World Bicycle Day in 2018 to celebrate the bicycle's versatility and affordability, and its ability to promote transportation, social inclusion, and health among people in all walks of life.

World Bicycle Day provides an opportunity to recognize the historical and contemporary significance of the bicycle as a mode of transportation, leisure, and sport. It also highlights the importance of cycling in promoting physical activity, reducing air pollution, and combating climate change. For people in India, the bicycle has been a mainstay of transportation for many decades, providing a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to motorized vehicles.

In India, World Bicycle Day is widely celebrated through community events, group rides, and advocacy campaigns. Cyclists across the country come together to participate in community rides, participate in cycling-related workshops, and raise awareness about the benefits of cycling. Many groups and organizations use World Bicycle Day as an opportunity to advocate for better cycling infrastructure, safer roads for cyclists, and improved bicycle accessibility for people in all walks of life. World Bicycle Day occurs on June 3rd each year.

World Bicycle Day facts

  • Bicycles convert about 98% of the energy a person exerts into forward motion, making them more energy-efficient than any other means of transportation.
  • It is estimated that there are over one billion bicycles worldwide, outnumbering cars by more than two to one.
  • The credit for inventing the first pedal-powered bicycle, known as the "velocipede" or "boneshaker," goes to Karl Drais, a German baron, who introduced it in 1817.
  • India is the second-largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world, with over 15 million units produced annually. Major Indian bicycle companies include Hero Cycles, Atlas Cycles, and TI Cycles.
  • According to the Indian Bicycle Industry Analysis, the cycling industry is estimated to be worth over INR 17,000 crore (approximately USD 2.3 billion).

Top things to do in India for World Bicycle Day

  • Go cycling! Cycling can be a great form of exercise that benefits both mental and physical health.
  • Make your bike is properly maintained. Regular maintenance is an important part of cycling that can be done at home or a bike shop.
  • Watch a documentary or film about biking in India. Here are our suggestions:
    1. Pedal Power: Cycle Stories from India (2014) - A documentary that showcases the lives and stories of people who depend on their bicycles for various purposes, ranging from their livelihoods to their passion for cycling.
    2. Cycling to Freedom (2014) - A documentary that highlights the efforts of Indian NGOs to empower women and girls in rural areas through bicycle-based programs.
    3. Wheels of Change (2016) - A short film about the impact of the bicycle distribution program in rural Bihar, India, and how improved mobility has changed lives.
    4. Puncture (2020) - A short, inspiring film about a 22-year-old Indian girl who uses her bicycle repair skills to fight for women's empowerment and equal opportunity in her small village.
  • In cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Jaipur, one can join heritage and cultural cycling tours that take you through the historic sites and local attractions on World Bicycle Day.

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