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2023 Date9 October 2023
2024 Date9 October 2024

World Post Day

World Post Day, a global event to appreciate the contribution of postal services in our lives, plays a vital role in enhancing communication and fostering economic growth. This day underscores the importance of postal sector, given its vast penetration in remote areas, low-cost services, and reliable and secure mode of communication. World Post Day aims to raise awareness about the Postal sector's relevance in today's digitally connected world while also encouraging and enabling innovation that meets the continually evolving needs of our communities.

Established on 9th October 1969 during the Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo, World Post Day commemorates the founding of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874. In India, the postal service has been a conduit for economic and societal growth, with over 154,965 post offices nationwide. The India Post has been at the forefront of facilitating financial inclusion and bridging the digital gap, especially for rural and marginalized communities, through services like Post Office Savings Bank, postal life insurance, and Aadhaar enrolment.

World Post Day celebrations in India showcase the commendable work done by India Post, including the release of new postage stamps, organizing philately workshops, and promoting traditional postal services. It also recognizes the pivotal role the department plays in enhancing e-commerce, telecommunication, and other domains. The annual observance happens on the same date worldwide, including India, on 9th October, promoting the indispensability of the postal sector and reiterating its significance in our constant efforts to stay connected and strengthen our economies.

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World Post Day facts

  • The USPS processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day.
  • Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General.
  • The USPS owns the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world, with over 227,000 vehicles.
  • The first post office in India was established in Bombay in 1764 during British rule.
  • During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, messages and letters were sent through the postal system to communicate strategies and plans. The postal system was used as a powerful tool for rebellion against the British regime.

Top things to do in India for World Post Day

  • Many individuals and organizations take the opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication of postal employees. They may send thank-you cards, share appreciation messages, or organize small events to honor their efforts.
  • Writing and sending letters or postcards is a common way to celebrate World Post Day. People may choose to send letters to friends, family members, or pen pals to stay connected and share thoughts and feelings.

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