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Hello Day History

World Hello Day is a global event aimed at encouraging communication and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The main goal is to foster a dialogue that promotes peace and unity across the world. As a celebration of the international community, this observance highlights the importance of reaching out and engaging in conversations with friends, family, and strangers alike, in the spirit of fostering better relationships and breaking down barriers.

The inception of World Hello Day dates back to the 1970s, when two American brothers, Brian and Michael McCormack, conceived the idea in response to the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt. The observance has since gained traction in over 180 countries, including India. In a country endowed with a rich cultural heritage and diverse linguistic landscape, World Hello Day serves as an important reminder of the strength that lies in coming together as a nation and embracing the beauty of India's diversity.

In India, World Hello Day is observed by engaging in acts of kindness and extending warm greetings to people from different walks of life. Many educational institutions, public organizations, and various community initiatives organize events that emphasize the importance of cross-cultural communication and cooperation. This simple act of greeting one another with a "hello" or taking the time to learn a few phrases in different regional languages can go a long way in fostering harmony and unity within the diverse Indian population. World Hello Day is observed annually on November 21, serving as a reminder of the power of communication in bridging gaps and building a more inclusive world.

Hello Day facts

  • The McCormack brothers mailed over 1300 letters to government leaders around the world to encourage participation in the first World Hello Day in 1973. Since then, 180 countries have observed the day.
  • The first use of 'hello' in print was observed in 1826 in an edition of the Norwich Courier in Norwich, Connecticut.
  • According to Merriam-Webster, the use of 'hello' as a telephone greeting is attributed to Thomas Edison. In 1877, Edison wrote to the president of the Central District and Printing Telegraph company of Pittsburgh explaining that hello would serve as a good greeting.
  • Namaste is typically accompanied by a specific hand gesture – joining hands together, placing them close to the heart or forehead, and slightly bowing the head. This gesture represents a sign of respect and demonstrates humility.
  • Physical touch during a greeting in India is generally limited to the Namaste gesture. Handshakes may be acceptable in business and urban settings, but touching is generally avoided between opposite genders out of respect and cultural norms.

Top things to do in India for Hello Day

  • Learn to say hello in another language. There are hundreds of different languages, why not learn a few phrases from one that interests you?
  • Communicate with someone you've lost touch with. An argument may have led to things falling out or perhaps time has just gone by. This could be a chance to reconnect.
  • Attend a traditional Indian dance or music performance, where you can learn about different aspects of Indian culture and engage with fellow attendees.
  • Join walking tours or local interest groups to explore different parts of the city and make new connections with fellow travelers and locals.

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