Bat Appreciation Day

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2023 DateApril 17, 2023
2024 DateApril 17, 2024
Bat Appreciation Day

Bat Appreciation Day History

Bat Appreciation Day aims to raise awareness about the critical role that bats have on the ecosystem. Bats have faced scrutiny due to their appearance and how they are portrayed in the media. They are very beneficial to agriculture however. They pollinate plants and eat insects which allows less pesticides to be used on crops. This day encourages everyone to learn more about bats and to accept them as a key part of our ecosystem.

Bat Appreciation Day was established in 2017 by Bat Conservation International. It is observed annually on April 17th.

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Bat Appreciation Day Facts

  • According to, bats provide us with many fruits including mango, avocado, banana, and papaya. They also pollinate blue agave flowers which are used to make tequila.
  • Bats are the only mammals naturally capable of flight.
  • Scientists have estimated that bats save the agriculture industry billions in pest control services every year.

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