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World Book and Copyright Day

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World Book and Copyright Day is a global observance outlined by UNESCO to celebrate literature and the promotion of reading, publishing, and the protection of intellectual property rights through copyright. This significant occasion seeks to underline the fundamental role of books in enlightening minds, breaking down barriers between people, and fostering peace, dialogue and cooperation amongst individuals and communities. Besides this, the day is dedicated to raising awareness about copyright laws, acknowledging the effort and rights of authors and publishers on their published works around the world.

The concept of World Book and Copyright Day was born at the 1995 UNESCO General Conference, and it has been recognised globally, including in New Zealand, since 23 April 1996. For New Zealanders, this day holds particularly special significance as it champions the wealth of exceptional talent found within the nation's literary scene – from local authors, illustrators and publishers. Through celebrating this day, New Zealand also emphasises the importance of respecting and acknowledging the intellectual property rights of those involved in the literary field.

In New Zealand, World Book and Copyright Day is commemorated with a variety of events, each geared towards both adults and children. These may include book reading sessions, literary discussions, workshops and other educational activities in libraries, schools, and cultural centres across the country. Participation in such events help the Kiwis to recognise and appreciate the power of the written word and the importance of protecting authors' rights. World Book and Copyright Day is observed annually on 23rd April, aligning with the rest of the world, aiming to magnify the importance of books, promoting a passion for literature, and safeguarding creative outputs.

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Facts about World Book and Copyright Day

  • Each year, UNESCO chooses a World Book Capital. For 2023, the World Book Capital was in Accra, Ghana, located in West Africa.
  • UNESCO holds an event every year at their headquarters. Workshops for the young are conducted by booksellers, publishers and artists. The topics include illustration, bookbinding, typography, manga, and more.

Top things to do in NZ for World Book and Copyright Day

  • Dress your children in costumes related to their favorite books. Check out these great examples.
  • Why not try a comic book? There are comic books for everyone, and they can be a good alternative for children who don't enjoy regular books. Get them started on comic books with characters they already like from the movies.

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