Chatham Islands Anniversary Day

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2020 Date30 November 2020
2021 Date29 November 2021
Chatham Islands Anniversary Day

Chatham Islands Anniversary Day History

Chatham Islands Anniversary Day is celebrated on the Monday nearest to the 30 November.

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Chatham Islands Anniversary Day Facts

  • Chatham Islands Anniversary Day was established in accordance to the New Zealand Holidays Act of 1981, which sets forth that certain territories in New Zealand are to have a local holiday to celebrate their founding. Chatham Islands used to be a province of New Zealand. Provinces were dissolved in 1876 and are now known as provincial districts which serve only as a designation to more or less the same regions covered by the provinces.
  • The Chatman Islands is the smallest region in New Zealand. It has only about 600 inhabitants. Many species of flora and fauna are only found here due to the region's unique environment compared to the rest of New Zealand. Several of these species are endangered due to human settlement, such as the Chatham Island tāiko, a seabird.

Chatham Islands Anniversary Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • See the basalt columns of Chatham Islands. These structures are polygonal, columnar rocks that formed naturally through the cooling and contraction of lava.
  • Enjoy nature through the public access walking tracks in the islands' protected areas. Keep an eye out for endemic species of plants and animals. There are boards around the island with information about the environment.

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