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World Bicycle Day

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World Bicycle Day History

World Bicycle Day is an annual observance that celebrates the benefits of riding bicycles for transportation, recreation, and fitness. The United Nations established World Bicycle Day in 2018 to promote cycling as a sustainable and affordable form of transportation that benefits the environment, public health, and local economies. This observance encourages people worldwide to use bicycles as a mode of transportation, exercise and leisure.

In 2018, the government announced an investment of NZD 390 million to improve cycling infrastructure to make cycling safer and more convenient across the country. New Zealand also has a robust cycling culture, and thousands of people participate in events like the Otago Rail Trail, the Hauraki Rail Trail, and the Tour Aotearoa each year. World Bicycle Day is an excellent opportunity for New Zealanders to celebrate their love for cycling, promote cycling education and safety, and enjoy riding on the country's scenic trails.

World Bicycle Day in New Zealand is a time for people of all ages to discover the joys and benefits of cycling. Many communities organize events, such as group rides, workshops, and cycling classes. Schools and workplaces encourage employees and students to cycle to their destination, organizing cycling challenges and providing biking facilities. World Bicycle Day is observed on June 3rd annually.

World Bicycle Day facts

  • Bicycles convert about 98% of the energy a person exerts into forward motion, making them more energy-efficient than any other means of transportation.
  • It is estimated that there are over one billion bicycles worldwide, outnumbering cars by more than two to one.
  • The credit for inventing the first pedal-powered bicycle, known as the "velocipede" or "boneshaker," goes to Karl Drais, a German baron, who introduced it in 1817.
  • Cyclists in New Zealand are required to follow the same road rules as other vehicles, and it is mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling. Additionally, it is advised to use lights and high-visibility clothing, especially during low-light conditions.
  • According to a report by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the cycling industry contributes around NZ$714 million annually to the country's economy.

Top things to do in NZ for World Bicycle Day

  • Go cycling! Cycling can be a great form of exercise that benefits both mental and physical health.
  • Make your bike is properly maintained. Regular maintenance is an important part of cycling that can be done at home or a bike shop.
  • Watch a documentary aboout biking in New Zealand. Here are our top picks:
    1. Cycling New Zealand - The Kiwi Bikers (2019): This documentary on YouTube follows a group of cyclists on a journey across New Zealand, exploring the country's scenic beauty and diverse biking trails.
    2. Roadtripping New Zealand (2016): It is a short film by 2 cyclists bike packing around the South Island of New Zealand, capturing their adventures and the beauty of the surroundings.
    3. Off the Beaten Path - A New Zealand Mountain Bike Adventure (2018): This documentary, available on YouTube, follows a group of mountain bikers as they explore trails around New Zealand, meeting local riders and showcasing the fantastic biking opportunities in the country.
  • Plan a trip to The Hawke's Bay Trails in Napier to celebrate World Bicycle Day. This network of trails offers over 200 km of cycling paths, from easy rides along the coastline to more challenging trails through the nearby countryside.

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