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2024 Date29 August 2024

Pacific Music Awards

Pacific Music Awards in 2024

Pacific Music Awards History

The Pacific Music Awards (PMA) showcases and honours the achievements of Pacific Islander musicians in New Zealand, as well as those from around the Pacific region. Its primary goals are to celebrate the musical diversity stemming from these vibrant cultures and to foster relationships within the highly talented Pacific music community. Crucial aspects of the observance include recognizing outstanding artists across various award categories, such as Best Pacific Female Artist, Best Pacific Male Artist, and Best Pacific Group. PMA highlights the significance of Pacific music and its unique contribution to New Zealand's cultural landscape.

The awards originated in 2005, with the aim of establishing a credible platform for Pacific artists and music within New Zealand's music industry. Since its inception, the PMA has continued to grow and evolve, now including a dedicated award for Best New Zealand-based Pacific Artist. This expanded recognition is designed to encourage and promote the engagement of Pacific musicians in Aotearoa's thriving music scene. The event also helps to preserve the rich heritage of Pacific music by acknowledging and promoting the work of legendary artists, such as the late Herbs lead singer, Toni Fonoti, who has been honoured multiple times at this prestigious ceremony.

The Pacific Music Awards are observed through a live ceremony featuring performances from nominees and winners across a variety of genres, from traditional Pacific rhythms to contemporary fusion sounds. A judging panel consisting of prominent members from the music industry and Pacific community selects the winners from the pool of public nominations. The awards culminate in a grand celebration to honour the achievements of these talented musicians. The PMA takes place annually, generally scheduled during the month of May in line with the celebration of New Zealand Music Month.

Pacific Music Awards Facts

  • The awards were first established in 2005 by the Pacific Music Awards Committee to acknowledge the growing success and influence of Pacific music in New Zealand and internationally.
  • The awards are known for their inherent diversity in terms of ethnicity, reflecting the rich mix of cultures within the Pacific region. Cultural backgrounds of the artists and their music often include Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Island Māori, Niuean, Māori, Tahitian, and other indigenous people of the Pacific.
  • One of the sought-after awards in the Pacific Music Awards is the Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes the long-term contributions and commitment of an individual, group, or organization to Pacific music.
  • The awards were first established in 2005 by the Pacific Music Awards Committee to acknowledge the growing success and influence of Pacific music in New Zealand and internationally.

Pacific Music Awards Top Things to Do

  • Create a Pacific music playlist featuring nominated artists and winners. Play the playlist during the day or during your own at-home award ceremony.
  • Have a Pacific-themed dinner or potluck at home. Cook or order Pacific Island cuisine, such as a traditional hangi or a Samoan feast.
  • Host a Pacific Music Awards viewing party with friends and family.
  • Show support for your favorite nominated artists by voting, sharing their music, or following them on social media. Use the opportunity to discover new artists and explore the rich music scene in the Pacific.

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