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AKA NameSouth Canterbury Anniversary
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2020 Date28 September 2020
2021 Date27 September 2021
Dominion Day

Dominion Day History

Dominion Day commemorates the day on which New Zealand was granted Dominion status within the British Empire. On 26 September 1907, New Zealand was granted Dominion Status from King Edward VII.

Dominion Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Monday in September. Today, South Canterbury observes Dominion Day as it's anniversary day. It is a public holiday there but not in the rest of New Zealand. Originally, the government wanted it to be a national public holiday, but employers were against it.

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Dominion Day Facts

  • During the first Dominion Day, many events took place around New Zealand, such as official ceremonies, children festivals, concerts and military parades. Public servants had the day off.
  • Dominion Day was never very popular after the first celebrations. Some of the reasons could be that people thought there would be too many public holidays, the fact that it wasn't a paid holiday for most, the weather around the time of the year, low nationalistic feeling toward it, or nothing impactful happening in people’s lives with the change from colony to dominion.

Dominion Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Read this interesting opinion about replacing Waitangi Day with Dominion Day as the national day of New Zealand.
  • New Zealand is a beautiful country with many places to visit. The Milford Sound is its most famous tourist attraction.
  • If you love nature and hiking, find out about the "Great Walks" of New Zealand.

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