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International Yoga Day

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International Yoga Day History

International Yoga Day is a global observance that aims to promote the numerous benefits of yoga to individuals and communities around the world. This day is dedicated to encouraging people to engage in this ancient practice, which encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual activities. Through yoga, practitioners strive to attain inner peace, increased focus, and an overall improvement in their health and well-being.

While International Yoga Day's inception was only in 2014, it has quickly gained traction, with New Zealand becoming an active participant in recent years. Yoga, with its universal appeal, transcends boundaries, and is practiced by many New Zealanders as a way to attain physical fitness, mental health, and spiritual growth. Participation in International Yoga Day not only showcases a global sense of unity, but also encourages people in the country to embrace an activity that benefits all aspects of life.

In New Zealand, International Yoga Day is usually observed through a range of activities, such as free or discounted yoga classes at local studios, large-scale gatherings in parks, and events hosted by various organisations. This offers a great opportunity for those who may not have previously considered yoga as an option for exercise and self-care to participate and discover its benefits. International Yoga Day is celebrated yearly on the 21st of June, bringing together communities across New Zealand to appreciate the holistic practice of yoga and its positive impact on our lives.

International Day of Yoga facts

  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest yoga lesson was with over 100,000 participants at India's district of Kota on June 21st, 2018.
  • The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit language. The word means to join or unite, referring to the union of body and mind.
  • Yoga in New Zealand often incorporates aspects of traditional Māori culture, such as the use of the hongi (a greeting where noses are pressed together) and incorporating Māori words and phrases into the practice.
  • Various forms of yoga are practiced in New Zealand, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Bikram yoga, among others.

Top things to do in NZ for International Day of Yoga

  • Stretch at home. Stretching will help do yoga and will also help you relax and work out muscle stiffness from daily activities and routines.
  • Do yoga! International Yoga Day is a great time to pick up this pastime and perhaps get a discount, if not, check Groupon for some more affordable offers to try yoga.
  • Do yoga in the park. Many cities like Christchurch and Auckland organize free yoga classes in parks on International Yoga Day. Keep an eye out for local community events.
  • Gather some friends and organize your own yoga session at a nearby park or beach, and celebrate International Yoga Day in your way.

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