Daylight Savings Starts

Daylight Savings Starts Quick Facts

2020 Date27 September 2020
2021 Date26 September 2021
Daylight Savings Starts

Daylight Savings History

The purpose of Daylight Saving is believed by some to be to get everyone in the country out of bed an hour earlier for the six spring-summer months when days are longer than nights, then out of bed an hour later during the dark mornings of autumn-winter.

Daylight Savings Starts Facts

  • In New Zealand, Daylight saving starts each year on the last Sunday in September, and ends on the first Sunday in April.
  • Clocks go forward an hour at 3am on 27 Sep 2020.

Daylight Savings Starts Top Events and Things to Do

  • Remember to adjust the time when it's not done automatically.
  • Help your body adjust to the time change by gradually going to sleep and waking up earlier starting around two weeks before the change.

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