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2023 Date5 December 2023
2024 Date5 December 2024

World Soil Day

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World Soil Day is a global observance aimed at raising awareness about the crucial role soil plays in sustaining life on our planet. As one of our most vital resources, soil is the foundation for food production, water purification, climate regulation, and biodiversity conservation. By highlighting the importance of sustainable soil management practices, World Soil Day aims to educate people, policymakers, and organizations on the need to protect and enhance the health of our soils for present and future generations.

This annual event finds its roots in the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), which in 2002 called for the creation of a global awareness day for soils. In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly designated December 5th as World Soil Day. For New Zealand, a nation with a substantial agricultural sector, healthy and productive soils are of paramount importance. The observance of World Soil Day in the country focuses on promoting sustainable farming practices, addressing soil erosion and maintaining soil fertility, which are essential for maintaining the productivity of New Zealand's agriculture and horticulture industries.

To mark World Soil Day, various organizations and stakeholders across New Zealand host events and activities to promote awareness of the importance of healthy soils. These events may include seminars, workshops, or field demonstrations on sustainable soil management practices. Schools, community groups, and local councils may also participate by organizing tree plantings, clean-up events, and educational programs, reinforcing the need to protect our soils. World Soil Day is observed in New Zealand on December 5th, aligning with the global occasion, bringing together people from various sectors to foster a shared commitment to preserving the health and productivity of our soils.

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World Soil Day facts

  • The theme for World Soil Day in 2023 was Keep soil alive, protect biodiversity.
  • According to the U.N, an estimated 90% of organisms live or spend part of their life cycle in soil.
  • As water seeps through layers of soil, it gets purified. Soil microbes act like a filter, cleaning the water before it reaches groundwater reserves.
  • The North Island of New Zealand has a higher concentration of volcanic soils, formed from volcanic ash and other materials, as the island lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire.
  • Prior to human settlement, New Zealand was predominantly covered in forests; however, extensive deforestation has occurred since the arrival of humans, leading to soil erosion and in some cases desertification, especially on hilly terrains.

Top things to do in NZ for World Soil Day

  • Practice soil conservation and preservation in your community by using mulch in your lawn. You can also plant cover crops which will help manage soil erosion and preserve soil quality.
  • Help promote and raise awareness about World Soil Day. The Food and Agriculture Organization site has posters and Materials that can aid in the campaign to highlight the importance of soil.
  • Use World Soil Day as an opportunity to advocate for sustainable land management practices, such as reducing soil erosion, promoting organic farming methods, and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Participate in or organize volunteer activities to restore soil health in local areas. This may involve activities like planting native plants, removing invasive species, or rehabilitating soil erosion sites.

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