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Pentecost History

The Observance of Pentecost is an important Christian celebration that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ, 50 days after Easter. In New Zealand, like in many other countries, people of Christian faith gather to honour this significant event in the life of the Church, marking the birth of the Christian Church and the beginning of the spread of the Gospel.

Pentecost, also known as Whitsunday, has its roots in the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the day when the Torah was given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Many early Christian converts/customs in New Zealand were brought by European settlers in the 19th century, who integrated Pentecost into the religious calendar of their new land. Over time, the observance has taken on a unique character in the context of New Zealand's rich cultural tapestry, which includes both Pākehā (New Zealander of European descent) and Māori (indigenous people of New Zealand) expressions of faith.

Today, Pentecost is celebrated through special church services, prayers, and reflection on the Holy Spirit's transformative work in the lives of believers. In the New Zealand context, it is not uncommon to see a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship music, as well as the incorporation of Māori language and cultural practices. The date of Pentecost varies each year, dependent on the date of Easter, and it is typically celebrated seven weeks after Easter Sunday or 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pentecost facts

  • In the Roman Catholic tradition, Pentecost is sometimes called Whitsunday (pronounced: 'with - Sunday'). The name comes from the white color of garments that people wore who were being baptized typically wore.
  • The Holy Spirit, often depicted as wind or a dove in the Bible, is the third part of the Christian Trinity, which also includes the Father, God, and Jesus Christ, the Son. The Holy Spirit is also referred to sometimes as the Holy Ghost.
  • Red is the liturgical color associated with Pentecost, representing the flames of fire and the Holy Spirit's presence.
  • It is a common practice among some denominations in New Zealand to wear red on Pentecost Sunday. Red symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit, which is described in the Bible as tongues of fire descending upon the apostles.
  • In New Zealand, Pentecost coincides with the invasion of the Māori community of Parihaka in 1881. The peaceful resistance movement at Parihaka became a symbol of Māori struggle for land rights and autonomy.

Top things to do in NZ for Pentecost

  • Pentecost is a particularly appropriate day to join a church. In the early church, it was a day when the newly converted, after a period of preparation, were baptized.
  • Some churches stress mission around Pentecost. See what your local church is doing to help your community and get involved.
  • Celebrate Pentecost and watch a documentary about Christianity in New Zealand. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Let the Fire Fall (2011): A documentary film that explores the Pentecostal movement in New Zealand, particularly focusing on the Apostolic Church and the influence it had on the religious culture in the country.
    2. Destiny Church: A New Zealand Pentecostal Movement (2005): This documentary examines the impact of the Destiny Church, a contemporary and controversial Pentecostal church in New Zealand, on the broader religious landscape of the country.
    3. Receiving the Promise: 100 Years of Pentecostalism in New Zealand (2008): This film provides an overview of the development of the Pentecostal movement in New Zealand over the past century, with a focus on major events, influential leaders, and theological trends.
    4. Spiritlands: A Journey into Pentecostalism in New Zealand (2008): This documentary explores the experiences of converts to Pentecostalism in New Zealand, as they share their stories of spiritual transformation and community engagement.
  • Attend a special church service today. Many churches in New Zealand hold special services for Pentecost Sunday, featuring prayers, hymns, and sermons.

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