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World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day History

World No Tobacco Day is an observance that promotes awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and the importance of a tobacco-free world. This event emphasizes the health risks associated with using tobacco products, highlights the economic consequences of tobacco consumption, and emphasizes the necessity for effective policies to reduce tobacco-related harm. World No Tobacco Day aims to encourage a reduction in worldwide tobacco use, which is considered one of the leading causes of preventable deaths.

World No Tobacco Day was first initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. This annual observance has positively influenced public policy, sparked global movements for tobacco control, and raised awareness about the consequences of tobacco on our health. In line with the Ministry of Health's goal of a smoke-free nation by 2025, this day provides an opportunity for New Zealanders to support local and national efforts that can help achieve this target.

To observe World No Tobacco Day in New Zealand, various organizations plan events centered around smoking cessation, awareness, and prevention. Schools, workplaces, and public spaces often participate by promoting the observance and distributing educational materials. World No Tobacco Dayis observed on May 31st annually, serving as a reminder to New Zealanders to take action towards a healthier, tobacco-free future.

World No Tobacco Day facts

  • According to the World Health Organization, nearly 80% of the world's 1 billion smokers live in low and middle income countries.
  • Arsenic, lead, and tar are just three of the 7,000 chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke.
  • Globally, the prevalence of tobacco smoking is higher among men, with around 32% of men being smokers compared to approximately 9% of women.
  • In New Zealand, the direct healthcare costs associated with smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke are estimated to be around NZD 1.9 billion annually.
  • The Māori population has a significantly higher smoking prevalence of around 28.7%, and the Pacific population has a smoking rate of approximately 19.4%.

Top things to do in NZ for World No Tobacco Day

  • Educate youth and teenagers in your neighborhood about the negative effects of smoking and encourage them to quit if they have already picked up the habit. The best way to eradicate smoking is by educating the new generation of the negative effects of tobacco use.
  • Volunteer for the Freedom from Smoking program or another like program that helps smokers quit.
  • Watch a documentary about the dangers of tobacco and its' impact on the citizens of New Zealand. Here are our picks:
    1. Smokefree New Zealand: How We Did It and Lessons Learned - This documentary tells the story of New Zealand's smokefree journey and the strategies they used to reduce smoking rates in the country.
    2. Cancer Information: New Zealand – Tobacco - This is an informative documentary that addresses the impact of tobacco on cancer rates in New Zealand, using statistics and interviews with experts.
    3. Tobacco and Vaping Regulation in New Zealand - This documentary discusses the policies and regulations that the New Zealand government has implemented to prevent tobacco use and vaping, focusing on the potential risks involved.
  • Read a book to learn about the dangers of tobacco and its' impact on Australians. Here are our suggestions:
    1. Smokefree New Zealand 2025: From a Tobacco Control Policy to a Strategy Achieving the Smokefree Aotearoa Goal by Janet Hoek, Richard Edwards, and Heather Gifford
    2. Tobacco Control in New Zealand: A History by Alison Grace and Mark Wallace-Bell
    3. Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air: Despatches from the Tobacco Wars by Warwick Brunton

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