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2024 Date6 February 2024

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day in 2024
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Safer Internet Day aims to promote a safer and more responsible use of the internet and digital technologies, especially among young people. The observance focuses on addressing key concerns such as cyberbullying, online privacy, and digital skills. By fostering positive digital interactions, Safer Internet Day seeks to create a better, more inclusive online environment for users of all ages.

The initiative was launched by the European Union in 2004 as part of its SafeBorders project and has since grown to gain support from over 170 countries worldwide, including all 27 EU member states. The importance of this event for the European Union lies in the shared responsibility to safeguard user privacy and data protection, while simultaneously enabling a digitally literate and empowered society. Moreover, in light of the increasing number of internet users, Safer Internet Day emphasizes the need for empowering young people to make informed decisions and behave ethically in online environments, thus contributing to creating a digitally responsible and safe Europe.

To mark Safer Internet Day, various events and activities take place across European Union countries, both on- and offline. These may range from seminars and workshops to awareness campaigns, all aimed at providing information and education on how to use the internet safely and responsibly. Schools, non-profit organizations, and public institutions play an active role in organizing and participating in these events. Safer Internet Day is celebrated annually on the second day of the second week of February, with each year focusing on a different theme related to online safety.

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Safer Internet Day Facts

  • The theme for Safer Internet Day in 2023 was Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online.
  • In 2023, Safer Internet Day had impacted more that 50% of children aged 8-17 and 37% of UK parents and carers.
  • In 2022, online platforms such as YouTube, Google, and Instagram made changes following the Children’s Code, which is a standard set in the UK which protects children’s online use.
  • The EU has emphasized the importance of raising awareness about internet safety and promoting digital literacy. They actively organize campaigns, training programs, and initiatives to educate citizens, especially young people, about the potential risks and safe practices online.
  • The EU has established the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) as part of Europol to strengthen the EU's response to cybercrime. EC3 coordinates cross-border investigations, supports member states in tackling cyber threats, and facilitates information sharing.
  • The EU encourages member states to establish Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) to handle cyber incidents effectively. CSIRTs play a crucial role in ensuring internet safety and mitigating cyber threats at a national level.

Safer Internet Day Top Things to Do

  • Read through some top tips on using the internet safely .
  • See how Safer Internet Day was celebrated around the world.
  • Every year, Safer Internet Day has a theme around which various online campaigns are organized. You can participate in these campaigns to spread awareness.
  • Take the opportunity to review social media accounts, unfollow or block individuals or pages that may promote harmful or inappropriate content. Encourage everyone to update their privacy settings and practice responsible sharing.
  • Engage in open discussions with family members about online safety, including topics like responsible internet use, privacy settings, and healthy online interactions.

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