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Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is one of the most important annual holidays within the Chinese culture. Firmly rooted in a rich tapestry of traditions and customs, the celebration symbolizes the onset of new beginnings, prosperity, hope, and good fortune. Commemorated with vibrant aesthetic displays, family reunions, auspicious meals, and traditional events, the festival embodies the blend of spirituality, temporal aspirations, and socio-cultural dynamics.

The origin of Chinese New Year dates back over 3,500 years and has evolved through dynastic periods, embracing regional and societal diversities. This shared cultural identity and expression resonate with those in the European Union because of the EU's commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion. With a significant Chinese diaspora in Europe, Chinese New Year has gathered recognition and familiarity, granting insights into this rich, millennia-old cultural heritage.

Across the European Union, Chinese New Year is observed with great fervour by Chinese communities, promoting cross-cultural exchanges. Cities like London, Paris, and Berlin host expansive street parades, showcasing traditional dragon dances, martial arts, and lantern displays. Cultural centers organize workshops and exhibitions, enriching understanding about Chinese art, culture, and traditions. These celebrations, however, vary in date annually according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, typically starting between 21st January and 20th February. They lend a unique texture to Europe's multi-faceted cultural panorama, strengthening the bonds of shared respect, understanding, and harmony among its diverse populace.

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Facts about Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year in 2023 will be the Year of the Rabbit. In 2022 it was the Year of the Tiger, and in 2021 it was the Year of the Ox.
  • The names of the Chinese calendar are repeated every 60 years.
  • I wish you happiness that comes from within, the best of luck to keep you pushing and peace in all days of the New Year - Gong Xi Fa Cai, Popular New Year song
  • The European Union and China have a strong and growing economic relationship, with China being the EU's second-largest trading partner.
  • For the European tourism industry, Chinese New Year is an important time to attract Chinese tourists, who are among the highest-spending visitors.

Top things to do in the EU for Chinese New Year

  • Clean your house. It is customary for Chinese to clean their homes in preparation for the New Year and the fresh start.
  • Get together with friends and create a long dragon on sticks. One person gets to create the head, and the others can create the long flowy tail. Remember to use bright colors.

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