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AKA NameDan antifašističke borbe
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2023 Date22 June 2023
2024 Date22 June 2024
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day (HRV)

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day (HRV) History

Croatian Anti-Fascist Struggle Day commemorates the formation of the First Sisak partisan Detachment in Brezovica wood near Sisak. The Detachment was the first anti-fascist unit in that region of Europe. The day also serves as an affirmation of Croatia's anti-fascist views and allegiances to the Allies from World War II.

Croatian Anti-Fascist Struggle Day is celebrated annually on 22 June, a day that marks the formation of the anti-fascist Detachment in 1941. The day marks the beginning of the Croatian uprising against fascist German and Italian occupying forces.

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Anti-Fascist Struggle Day Facts & Quotes

  • Croatia's National Liberation Army featured about 230,000 soldiers, 52 brigades and 17 divisions.
  • During World War II, fascist Axis powers such as Germany and Italy occupied Croatia in April of 1941. The party that came into power, the Ustase, created concentration camps to persecute and murder minorities much like in other areas under occupation.
  • During World War II, Croatia was not yet a country. It was part of the former country of Yugoslavia until it separated in 1991.
  • I write against violence. I write against fascism. I write against one person dominating another. - Timothy Findley, Canadian novelist and playwright
  • Fascism is capitalism plus murder - Upton Sinclair, American Author

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend the wreath-laying ceremony at the monument-park in Brezovica to pay your respects to those who gave their lives in the struggle against fascism. Much of the political elite will also be in attendance.
  • Spread awareness on social media using hashtags such as #nofascism, #antifasciststruggleday and #croatiaagaisntfascism.
  • Read a book about Croatia's history throughout the 20th century to gain a better understanding of the Axis powers' occupation and the struggles against fascist rule. Some of our favourites include: Croatia Under Ante Pavelic, The Death Camps of Croatia and The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican.
  • Learn to recognise evil and confront it head on like the anti-fascist movements in Croatia during WWII. Think about some of the world's evils and ponder on ways to confront and solve these problems. Some ideas include genocide, poverty, oppression and discriminaton.
  • Visit Jasenovac, the largest Croatian concentration camp during WW2, to see some of the atrocities of the fascist regime. In 1966, a large memorial was erected in memory of the victims that lost their lives there.

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