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International Beer Day Quick Facts - EU

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International Beer Day

International Beer Day is a global event that celebrates the art and craft of brewing and seeks to foster unity among beer enthusiasts worldwide. The occasion encourages people to taste the wide variety of beers produced around the world, while simultaneously appreciating the skill and intricate processes involved in brewing. Aside from its culinary elements, International Beer Day also provides an opportunity to support local breweries, pubs, and bars that contribute significantly to the development of unique beer cultures in various regions.

The origin of International Beer Day dates back to 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, when a group of friends decided to create a day dedicated to the enjoyment of beer. Since then, the celebration has expanded across the globe and is observed by millions of beer aficionados. Europe is home to a rich and diverse beer heritage, with countries such as Belgium, Germany, and the Czech Republic boasting world-renowned brewing traditions. International Beer Day in the European Union serves to honor the region's storied history of brewing while encouraging both residents and visitors to explore new flavors and styles.

Throughout the European Union, International Beer Day is celebrated in a variety of ways, including special events at breweries, pubs, and bars; the sharing of traditional beer recipes; and promotions of local and regional brews. Beer enthusiasts gather with friends and family to appreciate the craftsmanship behind their favorite beverage, while discovering new and unique beer varieties. International Beer Day is observed annually on August 4th, offering a perfect excuse for both locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in the European beer culture.

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International Beer Day facts

  • International Beer Day began in Santa Cruz, California, 2007. It was founded by beer enthusiasts, Jesse Avshalomov and Evan Hamilton.
  • As far back as ancient Egypt, beer was a staple food. Known as Hqt, heqet or heket, beer was a thick and sweet source of nutrition including vitamins, minerals and protein that was consumed daily by adults and children.
  • According to recent data, the Czech Republic has the highest per capita beer consumption in the EU, followed by Germany, Austria, and Poland.
  • The European Union exported more than €4.9 billion worth of beer to non-EU countries in 2019.

Top things to do in the EU for International Beer Day

  • Visit your local watering hole and try a new beer that you have never had.
  • Try an international award-winning beer. The International Brewing Awards are recognize outstanding achievements in the brewing industry. The winners for 2015 include:
    1. Champion Dark Beer - Black Butte Porter, Deschutes Brewery Inc., Oregon, USA
    2. Champion Strong Beer - Brugse Zot Dubbel, Brouwerij De Halve Maan, Bruges, Belgium
    3. Champion Specialty Beer - Red Chair NWPA, Deschutes Brewery Inc., Oregon, USA
    4. Champion Keg Ale - Revisionist Rye Pale Ale, Marston’s PLC, Wolverhampton, UK
  • Visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. This is where you can learn about the history of Guinness and how it's made, as well as sample the famous beer.
  • Visit Biergarten in Munich, Germany. These outdoor beer gardens are popular gathering places for locals and tourists alike, especially on International Beer Day.

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