St Stephen The King's Day

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AKA Name:Szent István ünnepe
2019 Date:20 August 2019
2020 Date:20 August 2020
St Stephen The King's Day

St Stephen The King's Day History

St Stephen's Day in Hungary celebrates the life of St Stephen the Great. St Stephen the Great is known to have promoted the Christian faith, built churches and crushed pagan action against Christianity. He was anointed King of Hungary in the year 1000 and until his death in 1038, his efforts as king were dedicated to the spread and stronghold of Christianity over Hungary.

St Stephen's Day in Hungary is celebrated on his Feast day of 20 August. St Stephen the Great is the patron saint of Hungary.

St Stephen The King's Day Facts & Quotes

  • St Stephen was canonized by Pope St Gregory VII in 1083.
  • When he became king in 1000, he received his cross and crown from Pope Sylvester II.
  • Stephen was actually born with the name Vajk, meaning hero/master/prince/rich, from the Turkis word baj.
  • The transformation of Hungary into a Christian state was one of Stephen's principal concerns throughout his reign.
  • If someone has such a hardened heart—God forbid it to any Christian—that he does not want to confess his faults according to the counsel of a priest, he shall lie without any divine service and alms like an infidel. - Laws of King Stephen I of Hungary

St Stephen The King's Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Visit the large statue of St Stephen the Great on his horse. The statue is located in Budapest, the nation's capital.
  • Generate awareness on social media by using hashtags such as #StStephenHungary, #StStephentheGreat and #KingStephenHungary.
  • Read a book about St Stephen. Some of our suggestions: Realm of St Stephen the Great and The Making of an Ordinary Saint.
  • Enjoy the Street of Hungarian Flavours which features food stalls with Hungarian food.
  • Attend the high mass or procession of St Stephen's Holy Right Hand. Both are held at St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

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