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AKA NameValstybės diena
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2023 Date6 July 2023
2024 Date6 July 2024
Statehood Day (LTU)

Statehood Day (LTU) History

Statehood Day in Lithuania commemorates the coronation of Mindaugas as the first and only King of Lithuania. Born in the year 1200, Mindaugas is the first known Grand Duke and only King of Lithuania. Little is known about the King, his coronation and life however it is known that Mindaugas accepted Christianity and proclaimed the nation as Catholic.

Statehood Day is celebrated annually on 6 July, the date believed to be the same as Mindaugas' coronation as King of Lithuania in 1253. The holiday has been officially celebrated since 1991 and res-established independence of Lithuania from the USSR.

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Statehood Day Facts & Quotes

  • Mindaugas' reign was significant in that a papal decree established the Diocese of Lithuania and thus recognised it as a state.
  • The exact date of the King's coronation is unknown. Based on the academic conclusions of Edvardas Gudavicius, in 1989, it was decided that the date of the coronation was 6 July.
  • The Kingdom of Lithuania was a very short-lived monarchy from 1251 to about 1263, which makes King Mindaugas the only king.
  • Mindaugas is considered to be the founder of the state of Lithuania and the ruler of the nation to convert it to Christianity.
  • This year, the Statehood Day will be special. We will again be united by songs, which always make us stronger and lead us. Let us celebrate the day with the national flag and a Lithuanian song, let us take pride in our Homeland and its people. - President Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania.

Statehood Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Join in with the nation-wide sign-along of Lithuania's national anthem. At 9pm local time in Lithuania, join in with locals and sign the National Anthem.
  • Attend the flag raising ceremony at Simono Daukanto Square in front of the President's office. The president will also host an awards ceremony in the morning prior to the flag ceremony.
  • Enjoy a Lithuanian feast with your friends and relatives. Try including traditional dishes such as saltibarsciai (beet soup), kugelis (potato pudding), vedarai (sausage) and rygine duona (dark rye bread).
  • Watch the movie King Mindaugas (Valdzia) to gain a better understanding of the life of the King.
  • Spread awareness on social media using hashtags such as #StatehoodLithuania, #Mindaugas and #Lithuanian.

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