Michaelmas Day

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AKA NameFeast of Michael, Goose Day, Michaelistag
2023 Date29 September 2023
2024 Date29 September 2024
Michaelmas Day

Michaelmas Day History

Michaelmas Day, also known as the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, is a Christian observance that honors the Archangel Michael and other archangels. It is one of the quarter days, which are traditionally recognized as the time for settling financial accounts and changing employment in the United Kingdom. The day is often associated with the start of a new season in terms of academic or legal year, as well as the traditional harvest season. In some European cultures, Michaelmas is also considered as a time to protect against negative spiritual forces or to seek spiritual guidance.

The celebration of Michaelmas dates back to the 5th century and the dedication of the first sanctuary to St. Michael at Monte Gargano in Italy. Due to its long history, Michaelmas Day remains culturally significant for many European Union citizens. In fact, the observance is embedded in the European legal system, with many courts starting their new terms at or near Michaelmas. Additionally, some universities within European Union countries may commence their academic years around this time, further linking the celebration to the concept of new beginnings and transition in various fields.

Throughout the European Union, Michaelmas Day is observed in various manners, depending on local traditions and customs. In some regions, special masses or church services are held, while in others, feasts featuring seasonal produce like apples, nuts, and berries are organized. Customs related to the protection against evil forces include blessing of the home and farm animals. Michaelmas Day falls on the 29th of September every year, providing a moment for European Union citizens to acknowledge the role of archangels in their spiritual lives and to embrace new beginnings, whether in legal, academic, or other areas.

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