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7th of June in Malta commemorates the 1919 riots of the Maltese people against British rule. The Maltese people demanded representative government on the island and were subsequently granted a Constitution in 1921. The day also serves to honour and remember the four people who were killed when British troops fired their weapons into the crowd. Malta remained under British rule until independence in 1964.

7th of June is celebrated annually on 7 June in an effort to remember the struggle and sacrifice of the Maltese people in the formation of their nation.

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Top facts about 7th of June

  • Malta had been under British rule for nearly 200 years before the riots occurred. Discontent began to spread in the nation, which eventually culminated into riots, because of the increased trade tensions following WWI. Even after the riots, Britain continued to officially rule Malta until 1964.
  • Malta’s official languages are Maltese and English. Maltese is an Arabic-based language, and as such sounds very similar, but it also has many Latin words mixed in from its proximity to Italy.
  • Malta is a very small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea near the Italian coast of Sicily. It has a population of 419,000.
  • Prior to British rule, the French, under Napoleon Bonaparte, occupied the island for two years until the British blockaded the islands.
  • Civil movements and riots are as old as human civilization. Long before Twitter was created, mobilization of the discontented was mouth-to-mouth, or even by 'smoke signals' to gather the uprising against established political power. –Eduardo Paes, Brazilian politician and current mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

7th of June Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend the riot commemoration held in Valetta. This is one of the best ways to pay your respects to the four fallen. It is followed by a wreath laying ceremony on the Sette Giugno monument in the city.
  • Spread awareness on social media by using the hashtags #7thofJune, #SetteGiugno and #FreeingMalta.
  • Watch a documentary that depicts a riot for change. Some of our favourites are: Riot Night, Riots and Revolution, The Square, Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom and The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup.
  • Visit the graves of the four Maltese citizens who were killed by British soldiers during the riots. The graves are located at Addolorata cemetery, which is near Valetta. It is a great opportunity to see where the heroes are buried and take in some local culture at the same time.
  • Read a book about Malta and its history. Some of our favourites are: Death in Malta, The Jukebox Queen of Malta, and Malta Tales.

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