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Victory Day (EST) History

Estonian Victory Day commemorates the victory of the Estonian military forces in the 1919 Battle of Võnnu, a key battle in the Estonian War of Independence. The battle was a significant moment in the establishment of the Republic of Estonia, asserting the nation's sovereignty and paving the way for international recognition. The day holds great importance for Estonians, as it symbolizes the resilience and determination of their fight for freedom and independence.

The Battle of Võnnu, which took place from June 19 to 23, 1919, was fought between the Estonian and German Landeswehr forces, supported by Russian volunteers known as the White Brotherhood. The Estonian victory was crucial in preventing the German side from imposing their rule on Estonians and their newly established state. For the European Union, Estonian Victory Day represents a significant historical moment, symbolizing the shared values of democracy, self-determination, and national sovereignty, which are core principles upheld by all member states within the EU.

Within the European Union, Estonian Victory Day is observed by Estonian communities across member countries. These observances often take the form of gatherings, cultural events, or other activities promoting Estonian history and identity. Additionally, diplomatic representations, including both the European Parliament and the Estonian government, use this occasion to highlight the importance of European unity and the shared values that underpin the union. Estonian Victory Day is celebrated annually on June 23, allowing European Union citizens to learn more about Estonia's history and engage with the country's culture and heritage.

Top facts about Victory Day

  • Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Victory Day has been an important holiday to help rebuild Estonian identity and nationality.
  • The Finnish, British, Latvians, Danes and Swedes all stepped up and helped the Estonians in their War of Independence.
  • In 1920, the Tartu Peace Treaty between Estonia and Soviet Russia marked Estonia's independence.
  • The final battle was called the Battle of Vonnu, it occurred near present day Cesis, Latvia.
  • Victory belongs to the most persevering - Napoleon Bonaparte

Victory Day Top Things to Do

  • Generate awareness on social media by using hashtags #VictoryDayEstonia, #Voidupuha and #EstoniasQuestforIndependence.
  • Indulge in traditional Estonian dishes to celebrate the day. Enjoy rye bread with garlic/cucumber sauce, bean soup, sauerkraut stew and kama dessert.
  • Light a traditional Victory Day Bonfire. On the morning of 23 June, the nation's President lights the Victory flame which is then carried out to every country to light bonfires during the short night. This holiday runs into Midsummer Day.
  • Read a book about Estonia's history throughout the 19th and 20th centuries to better understand the impact of the war and independence. Some of our favourites include: Estonia, Estonia and Estonians, Estonian Life Stories and The Baltic States.
  • Do some sport. Take part in the Parnu County Victory Day Marathon. A torch is carried by runners in memory of the soldiers who have lost their lives for Estonia.

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