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2024 Date23 April 2024
2025 Date23 April 2025

World Book and Copyright Day

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World Book Day History

World Book and Copyright Day underscores the power of books and the importance of copyright as a crucial factor in preserving cultural diversity and ensuring free access to knowledge. It is a celebration not only of books and their authors, but also a tribute to all those professionals involved in the publishing industry. Through the promotion of reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property rights, the Day aims to encourage wider cultural understanding and foster knowledge accessibility.

The origins of World Book and Copyright Day can be traced back to 1995 when UNESCO decided to shine a spotlight on the fundamental role of books in the process of cultural education. On a more regional scope, for the European Union, this Day carries particular importance. Europe is home to a wealth of literary diversity, with hundreds of languages and a rich historical tapestry of storytelling. Therefore, the observance of this Day enables the EU to highlight the significance of preserving and celebrating this unique cultural heritage. Furthermore, it recognises the importance of copyright in protecting the rights of European creators and promoting their works across the globe.

World Book and Copyright Day is observed in numerous ways across the European Union. Activities range from public readings and book fairs to workshops and seminars on copyright issues. This Day often involves collaboration between writers, publishers, libraries, schools and culturally-focused organizations, to foster a love for literature and respect for intellectual property rights. World Book and Copyright Day takes place annually on 23rd April, symbolizing the death anniversary of both William Shakespeare and the Spanish novelist, Miguel de Cervantes.

Facts about World Book Day

  • Each year, UNESCO chooses a World Book Capital. In 2024, the World Book Capital was Strasbourg, France.
    In 2023, the World Book Capital was Accra, Ghana, located in West Africa.
  • UNESCO holds an event every year at their headquarters. Workshops for the young are conducted by booksellers, publishers and artists. The topics include illustration, bookbinding, typography, manga, and more.
  • This directive, often known as "Article 13," caused significant controversy. It creates a liability for online platforms, such as YouTube, making them responsible for copyright infringements by their users.
  • Every year, the EU launches several initiatives to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day. For example, in 2016, the EU launched a new prize for literature, named the "EU Prize for Literature" (EUPL) to showcase creativity and diverse wealth of Europe’s contemporary literature.

Top things to do in the EU for World Book Day

  • Dress your children in costumes related to their favorite books. Check out these great examples.
  • Why not try a comic book? There are comic books for everyone, and they can be a good alternative for children who don't enjoy regular books. Get them started on comic books with characters they already like from the movies.
  • Visit the National Libraries: In countries like France, UK, Germany, and Spain, the national libraries organize various programs including workshops, book reading sessions, exhibitions dedicated to books.
  • Read a book to learn more about Copyright laws in European Union:
    1) EU Copyright Law: A Commentary - by Irini A. Stamatoudi and Paul L.C. Torremans
    2) European Copyright Law: A Commentary - by Michel Walter

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